Using paper plates as targets

protection. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until ready to shoot. Charcoal will also crack and powder when shot. Keep weapons out of the reach of children, criminals, and other prohibited persons - it is your responsibility chinese dragon paper chain to protect your firearms! Please see policies for more information. Dont let that stop you from taking your own homemade targets. Please avoid linking to any third-party vendors. Always clean up after yourself. Though I have never tried it, Ive heard that shaving cream cans matalic digital paper are a riot to shoot, but make a big mess. For target backstops and stands, we obtained free wood pallets from a friends bar. If you want a reactive-type target, fruit and electronics are always fun to shoot. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google, reddit, stumbleUpon. Alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, and firearms are never a good combination. Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website or call them at, for international help please visit, suicide. Old Christmas ornaments strung up along a tree line will swing and explode, making a fun challenge. The only limits to what you can do with a paper plate is your own creativity! To include the solicitation or facilitation of any transaction or gift involving 3D printing files to produce firearms. We are in the second week. Politics and News posts require moderator pre-approval and are limited to legislation with direct impact on the AR15 platform. I have always loved shooting up watermelons. Tell me about it in the comment section. Makes for an easy to see small target that is shatters when you shoot it so you know you hit. Plenty of my suggestions, like bottles, Christmas ornaments, balloons, and plastic toys create a giant mess when you shoot them. Further, you can Google search free printable targets and find all kinds of free targets to print out. Don't just show us your build, tell us about.

Stand them all up, if you live in the frigid plates north and shoot outside in the winter. As even a targets big block will completely shatter when you shoot. Lastly, the mission of Cheaper Than Dirt. Most of my homemade targets are paper plates I buy at the dollar store.

I often see people using paper plates as targets when i am at the range.Some of them have said that its easier to see at 15-20 yards than a black bullseye target.

We set up shop and had months of fun shooting our little hearts out. Now that nantucket I no longer have access to the makeshift range. T want to run any risks with this community. Homemade targets get your creative juices flowing. This site contains affiliate links, to be able to make informed decisions. Paper plates make the perfect sized target for our rubber band bracelet bow and straw arrow. I have to go to the indoor range like many of you. Electronics, plastic water bottles filled with water. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper dot Than Dirt. Another option is to draw your own targets on plain old white computer paper.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide please help them.I also do the pop bottle/can thing, and just throw my can out and keep shooting it as it moves down the range.