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next year's conference are September 24th-26th, 2009. If so, then there are other people in the agency with mad dance skillz too. We're already seeing some great progress and feedback on the entire program. I encourage (and beg) everyone to clean up after you do your lady business. Glad most of it went to a good home. Reach out paper scholarship application to those you don't normally talk to! (10) A lot of these suggestions (and more) came out of the morale surveys, so keep the ideas coming! Thank you for allowing us to use our personal days to help, and I completely agree, we should be willing to do that. Thanksgiving cheer and baked goods abounded in November. Although we are not doing that anymore, we have no plans to change the time for this meeting. I feel like he genuinely cares about the good of the company, our department, and each of us individually. We are happy to loan you a PTO day and make this work for you.

Hel" we have over 70 people here now and I think we need to make sure that everyone is using their time at work doing their job and not catching up on what Bobapos. It would be nice to have a decent floor pump next to the scientific paper observations interpretations highlighted bike rack to help me feel full and confident. Please at least give us the rational and not just" If you arenapos, we appreciate the feedback, becaus" Everywhere else that I know of is getting off FridayMonday. Let me first say that I fully understand that crunch time is to be expected. I worry that having pay increases hinge on the way hours are logged among other things will teach people only to log more efficiently.

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But I wanted to phd call to your attention to the ways that this can greatly reduce morale. Thank phd you for the awesome holiday party plus the end of year profit share. It seems like a lot of good people are voluntarily leaving interactive for better opportunities in town.

Then receiving the first staff-wide email of the day and finding it to be a call for our flood photos and stories to survive.Thank you for all that you do and for continuing to find ways to make this an even better place to work!We had a limited number of tickets, which were offered to employees who were heavily involved in cwac.