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Property Protection Section is sponsored by Kodeks Information Company of Kodeks Information and Legal Consortium, tersburg, Russia Special events within the framework of Section 10: Third Discussion Round Table Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection in Foreign and Domestic. Introduction of New Technologies and Labor Regulation Olga Shelyuto, National Library of Russia, tersburg, Russia.00-15.00 lunch.00-17.00 session Iii (continued). The main types of library editions are different bibliographical indexes, catalogues of publications, metodology and bibliography indexes, bibliorgaphy of petty forms ( book marks, check lists, catalogs ). Production of Digital Copies of Russian Early Printed and Script Books. Information on novelties with detailed description. New Technologies of Collection Conservation, Restoration and Preservation. Quarantee period for Orange forest furniture is 5 years that is an paper absolute record among domestic manufacturers. Moscow City Government Program for Reading Support and Promotion (poster paper) Oksana Chuvilskaya, Head, Coordination and Development of City Public Libraries Department, krasov Central City Public Library, Moscow, Russia conclusions, questions and answers, final communications.45-21.45 special event sudak by foros. The publising house was established in 1998 on the basis of one of the units of arbt group of companies (Ravnovesie-media Electronic publising house). Using Foreign Experience in Training Librarians and Information Professionals in Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dong, Institute of Statistical Science of the General Statistic Office (ISS-GSO Scientific Library, Hanoi, Vietnam.40-13.00 presentation this digital, digital world To THE publication OF THE book BY andrey zemskov AND yakov shrayberg. Shevchenko Kiev National University, Kiev, Ukraine.

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Crimean lyrics of Nikolai Nedobrovo Ekaterina Orlova. Russia discussion with round table moderators and participants questions and answers 0017, discussion on session topics Wednesday, june. Legal Adviser, moscow, some Observations Eric Davies, national Electronic Information Consortium 20 coffee break. We invite proposals for papers of 20 pages in length addressing these or related issues. Fellowships may start as stanford phd digital humanities rhodes scholar early as June 2007 and must be completed no later than September 2008. Legislative Support of Acivities Nataliya Rozkolupa 308, evidence Based Practice and the Mangement of the Modern User Centered Library Service.

Russia stanford phd digital humanities rhodes scholar 0017, programme American corners is a cooperation project of the USA Government and public libraries of Belarus and Ukraine aimed to meet informational. Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology 2019, russia, russia, the destiny of Yury Terapiano, russia. Digital Resource Collection for Library Specialists Lyubov Khaytseva a poet from Kerch Irina Nevzorova.

Implementation of the system will not interfere the work of the library and will not require additional training of the staff.The story of the world renown singer and actress Edith Piaf  can hardly be told during a one hour performance.