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of a minor under the supervision of parents and other persons shall be possible only upon written request. The schedule of court proceedings and measures taken against violators shall be determined by the rules of Articles 345, 346 of this Code. Financial news: No relevant financial data released. Testimony of the suspected, victim, witness. After considering the questions and hearing the views of the parties on them, the court by its decision eliminates those that are not relevant to the case or the jurisdiction of the expert, and formulates new questions. A copy of the decision on the qualification of an act of the suspected shall be sent to the procurator within twenty-four hours after its issuance. The public prosecutor, the court, finding the circumstances that allow not to prosecute shall have the right to declare the withdrawal of prosecution of the accused. If the participation of the defense counsel, invited by the defendant is not possible within five days, the court in accordance with Article 68 of this Code, postponing the main trial, proposes to the defendant to choose another defense counsel, and at his (her) refusal. The descriptive-motivation part of the judgment of acquittal indicates: the nature of the charges; circumstances of the case, established by the court; the reasons for which the court considers the evidence on which the statement on the defendants guilt of a criminal offence is based. The ftse 100 index was up slightly on the GDP news, to 6749.12 at 16:00 BST, so once again nudging its high point of the last year. The central authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan may take into consideration the request (order, petition) received from requesting party by e-mail, fax or other means of communication. The decision shall contain a brief theory of the criminal offence, qualifications, data on the suspected, accused or the person responsible for the damage, caused by criminal offence or the action of the insane, prohibited by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan,. The body of inquiry makes a protocol on the criminal infraction in relation to the suspected immediately, if phd in cell biology jobs it is established. The detained person shall be released immediately if: 1) within seventy-two hours of detention, he (she) is not delivered to the investigating judge for a review of the request for temporary detention or application of the extradition arrest to him (her 2) it is established. Personal search of the detained person The person, performing the detention, shall have the right to in compliance with the rules, provided for in Article 255 of this Code, immediately make a personal search of the detained person in cases where there is reason. The order of proceedings on criminal offences of minors. Article 497 as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 378-V (shall be enforced from ). Military personnel and persons serving a sentence of imprisonment, detained on suspicion of committing a criminal offence may also be contained respectively in the guardhouse and institutions of the penal system, executing a sentence of imprisonment. The pound was trading near a one-month low as manufacturing failed to meet expectations and the Bank of England's Ian McCafferty suggested more quantitative easing may be needed if the UK's economic decline worsens. In cases provided in Article 495 of this Code, the participation of defense counsel is mandatory. The title of Article 414 in the new wording of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 91-VI (shall be enforced upon expiry of ten calendar days after the day its first official publication). In the event that the prosecutor establishes that the inspection was carried out with violations of the law, the materials shall not be sent to the investigating judge and a reasoned decision on its illegality shall be issued. Consideration of applications for clearing of a criminal record. The replica of the second part of the pleadings is pronounced in the absence of the jurors. Familiarization with the materials of the case shall be subject to the requirements of Article 296 of this Code. Re-consideration of the case in the court of cassation. In cases where the Procurator General of the Republic of Kazakhstan is detained at the crime scene or established the fact of the preparation or attempt to commit serious or especially serious crime or he (she) committed a serious or especially serious crime, the pre-trial.

If necessary the salary production of the exhumation. Examination, civil claimant is an individual or a legal entity. Appear on call of the body. Filing a civil claim for compensation of material or moral damage. In the case of a transfer to the investigator of the case. Interception and removal of information transmitted over electrical network telecommunications communication. The investigating judge shall issue a resolution on sanctioning or refusal to sanction the inspection. In which it is not possible to find a person who commits a criminal offence. The cassation instance shall cancel one of the decisions of the appeal collegium with the abandonment of another.

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If on the criminal case the information about the actions, contained the signs of criminal offences, unrelated to the case under investigation is received, all the materials for them shall be immediately separated to start a new pre-trial investigation in the manner prescribed by this.The person conducting the pre-trial investigation makes the decision on the search of the suspected, accused which indicates all information known about their identity, the reason for the search, and requests the search to the bodies of inquiry.