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Research interests of his group include quantum simulation, optical lattices, trapping of alkali and alkaline earth atoms, novel quantum phases, nonequilibrium no cover journal paper dynamics, new cooling techniques, analogies between condensed matter and atomic physics, quantum metrology, intro hook thesis statement and micron-scale force sensing. Our specific-heat measurement elucidated that CuxBi2Se3 is a bulk strong-coupling superconductor with a full energy gap, which qualifies this system to be topological. Takigawa Group, research Subjects. Application of interest include quantum computing, materials based device physics, and biology. If you require any further information or help, please visit our. Dynamical processes of atoms and molecules on metal surfaces. Ohgushi Group, research Subjects. Superconductivity of nano-size particles by STM. Study of the pressure induced phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems. High-rep rate, high-field physics. Structure and dynamics of water and related materials such as clathrate hydrates.

Microscopic theory of heavy fermion systems eory of highTc superconductivity. Development of numerical algorithms for nonequilibrium steady states Page top Iye Group Research Subjects. Berry phase effects in magnetic metals. Ueda Group Research Subjects, american psychological association style example paper vortices in mesoscopic superconductors Katsumoto Group Research Subjects. Strongcoupling theory for superconductivity with vertex corrections.

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Electronic states of strongly correlated systems with d or f electrons. Those who wish to machine enhance their careers by working in our laboratory as postdocs should feel free to contact Prof. While our low temperature lab is located at the LowTemperature Center just across the street. And biochemiluminescence measurement standards Kobayashi Group Research Subjects. Dynamics of disordered condensed systems, quantized vortex state in solid 4He and transition from vortex fluid to 3D supersolid state. Material physics and development of highquality semiconductor nanostructures via microscopy. Are located on the 2nd floor of the 2nd isir Building. Search for new superfluids and quantum phenomena. Anharmonic lattice dynamics and superconductivity Kohmoto Group Research Subjects.