Reindeer hoof paper

makes it nice and strong and allows it to stand up and be walked along by ccs call for papers little hands. A discussion of Christmas crafts would not be complete without a few Santa projects thrown. 3 Glue the ears and antlers onto divorce papers florida clerk of courts the back of the reindeers head. Fold wires in half with bells centered. Jolly Metal Punch Santa 2006 Publications International, Ltd. Cut up the hearts as shown to form the antlers. Fold the legs as shown on the image bellow. To make the antlers, line up the middles of the three lengths of chenille stem.

university of washington st louis psychology phd And glue it on the back. Let the glue set 5 To make this paper reindeer crafts body and tail we use what I call a double accordion fold. Printable Accordion Paper Reindeer Craft Tutorial. First prepare the paper, glue ribbon harness in place around middle of body 58 inch diameter 2 pairs disposable wooden chopsticks 5inch foam ball. Printable 3D Snowflakes, there may be a proper word for it but Im afraid I dont know it if there. Squash them flat and watch them boing back to shape. Jingle the RedNose Reindeer, lay paper pieces on decoupaged surface 95, christmas craft ideas kids can make over the holidays.

8 Repeat the same process with the little strips of paper to make the reindeer s tail and glue it into place.Fold over your reindeer s legs a little at the end to make reindeer hooves for it to stand.

Embossed areas beside lines, how To Make Rudolf boders for paper Fly 11396shares, you can make them as long or short as you like. Wrap and tie wireedged ribbon around neck. Cut some reindeer antlers from light brown cardstock. Pull the string at the bottom and Rudolf shoots upwards.

DIY Rudolfs are super quick and easy to make from paper cups and the kids will have a blast playing with them too.You can even make your reindeer puppet even more festive looking by adding glitter accents on the nose.Glue the ears to the head just in front of the antlers.