Reductive drawing on color paper

were needed to draw the subject. When I went to art school, the idea was that if you were going to be an artist, you had to paint with oil paints on canvas. Look for acid-free paper. Toned paper can definitely enhance a drawing but be sure to try out several colors until you find the overall color temperature and value that suits you and your subject. For charcoal, it cant be beat in terms of impact. For an extra challenge, try drawing a black subject on black paper: There is an endless variety of effects you can achieve by combining subjects, paper colors, and techniques. One wipe of a cloth and the image disappears or is smudged and you can rethink. Drawing isn't a decision, it is a need. If one can hold on to the specific, it almost always is more interesting. I produce many different kinds of drawings. All the attention is on the subject. Is the artist after fine details? The softer your medium, the more tooth you want. How a draftsman chooses a paper most often reflects what the drawing is meant to be or what it is being used for. Others, like newsprint, are not archival. Here are a few bonus ways to use colored paper. Gray papers with a mix of black and white charcoal marks could have a lot of visual impact, but be aware that it takes work to keep the two separate so you dont create a gray-on-gray drawing. Surface texture is also described as toothor how the surface holds the mediumwhether it is graphite, charcoal or pastel.

Charcoal drawing on paper, bright papers like reds, you do salts turn litmus paper blue could find a scrap of paper and a ballpoint pen or a piece how to make hanging decorations out of paper of charcoal and you could be an artist. So bring your charcoal stick and let the marks fly. Thicker paper is the wiser choice as it stands up to that kind of pressure. Because charcoal drawing is often a big gesture process. A kneaded eraser is a constant companion of charcoal.

Welch s board Reductive Drawing Assignment - Inspiration on Pinterest.Study for The Boy Lincoln Reading by Eastman Johnson, American Charcoal, white chalk and gouache on brown paper.Hand made Pencil Graphite Drawing Still Life on Bristol Paper Charcoal.

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