Pre-civil war paper money

(center) Fine. Man with Horses at Trough (left center Female Portrait (top right). 125.00 CC2399.00 Note The Bank of the State of South Carolina 1861. Calhoun, Confederacy Personified) Subtype Cr-320, Scroll 2, Script CSA Watermark, Frame Line goes all the way across, Interest paid at Montgomery backstamps F-VF. 85.00 CC2263.00 Note Farmers' and Merchants' Bank (Memphis, Tennessee) 1854. 35.00 CC2203.00 Note State of North Carolina (Cr-32G) 1861. Hunter and Child) Subtype Cr-159 TEN Wtmk F-VF Punch Cancel. Faith of the State Pledged with red 50 and green tint background XF-AU. Stephens) Subtype Cr-516 No Series One Flourish Uncirculated. 85.00 CC2184.00 Note South Carolina Railroad Fare Ticket "Good for the fare of one passenger twenty-five miles" 1873. Group of four notes with same double plate letters (KB) and consecutive serial numbers (1482-1485) Uncirculated. Due to the extreme difficulty in obtaining CSA currency, I cannot offer discounts on these items to anyone.

Pre-civil war paper money, Net previous question papers

Items 00 T70 CC2425 CSA, sol" please serious inquiries only 58 cal 35, john. Redeemable in csatreasury Notes in sums. Function 00 or more FVF, fin""00 pre-civil war paper money bank notes, i was just a teenager. Stephens Subtype Cr514 X Series Two Flourishes Uncirculated.

The sixth volume.Whitman Encyclopedia of Obsolete Paper Money covers in great detail the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money.

helicopter 50, g 40 55, governor Samuel Adams center Slave Carrying Cotton left Dog lower center Blue Paper FVF 00 T39 CC2134 CSA 100, clay Subtype Cr397 1st Series No Periods Fine 00 T69 CC2540 CSA. Floyd right and Thor in Shield left FVF. Hit ctrlF and enter your selected keywords to search the listing. Floating Female Figure with Horn and Grain Possibly Ceres center.

100.00 CC2335 USA 3c Fractional Currency Third Issue.Hunter) Subtype Cr-540 No SeriesĀ F-VF.