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your opinion! Other doctorates tend to be awarded in specific subject areas or for more practical and professional projects. Unlike most Masters courses (or all undergraduate programmes a PhD is a pure research degree. If you cant get in touch with any students face to face, pop over to the Postgraduate Forum youll find plenty of students there who are happy to chat about postgraduate research. Youll see what different PhDs tend to have in common and what kinds of unique opportunity might be available to you. This means that international your work will be interest to other scholars and that your results could be worth presenting at academic conferences. However youre supervised, youll have regular meetings to discuss work and check your progress. In fact, some grad programs will not even take their undergraduate students in their program because they want to promote diversity in thinking. A proportionately tiny number of people go on to do academic work at this level. Weve looked at some good (and bad) reasons for studying a PhD as well as the value of a doctorate to different career paths. Your supervisor will also provide feedback on work during your PhD and will play an important role as you near completion: reading your final dissertation draft, helping you select an external examiner and (hopefully) taking you out for a celebratory drink afterwards! You might not become as diverse a student as others would prefer. And whats it really like to work at a university? Research is also far from being a solitary activity. But that doesnt mean youll just spend three years locked away in a library or laboratory. Its not uncommon for final year PhD students to still be fine-tuning experiments, collecting results or chasing up a few extra sources. All being well, youll then continue with your research as a PhD student. Many universities also run regular internal presentation and discussion groups art a perfect way to get to know other PhD students in your department and offer feedback on each others work in progress. The definition of a PhD, the PhD can take on something of a mythic status. One advantage of staying at one place: Your degrees all match. Also, some graduate programs wont hire their own graduate students as faculty, so keep that in mind for jobs while in school. Tim Brown ( twitter, website, LinkedIn, Material Physics Group Website Masters and PhD at same school: Not frowned upon. Yes, but not that kind of doctor.

If you want to know more about undergraduate school. Your project wouldnt be original enough for a PhD. Your supervisor will be an expert in your thesis statement for by the waters of babylon general area of research. You will want to continue that work because of the valuable experience that you have already gained. Or conduct a study with other students. In order to qualify for one you need to produce advanced work that makes a significant new contribution to your chosen discipline. But they wont have researched on your exact topic before if they had. Read, research with professors, gain feedback on your results and begin to be recognised as an expert in your area. And do not reflect our institutions or departments in any way.

That just leaves one final question. Your supervisor will be very involved in this process. Im presently working can i use epilogue in paper towards my PhD at the same school and in the same department that I did my MSc. I did my masters and PhD in the same university. For MastersPhD, so I cant imagine there will be a really strong. This is a formal discussion and defence of your thesis involving at least one internal and external examiner.

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For those of you who stayed at the same place why did you stay?More generally, you can read our in-depth look at a typical PhD journey, or find out more about specific aspects of doctoral study such as working with a supervisor or writing your dissertation.