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arts, music and dance community, there is more to do than you can fit into your schedule! General relativity and cosmological world models; thermal history of the early universe, nucleosynthesis, and the cosmic microwave background; growth of structure through cosmic time. Apply: ml, phone:, mail: Department of Physics and Astronomy, university of North Carolina. Broad and quantitative study of renewable electric power systems: wind systems, photovoltaic cells, distributed generation (concentrating solar power, microhydro, biomass and the economics of these technologies. Maxwell's equations, time-varying fields, and conservation laws. Hill, Biophysics Adjunct Professors Sha. Astrophysics I (Stellar Astrophysics). To begin a graduate program in physics or astrophysics, the student should have completed most of the requirements for the degree of bachelor of science with a major in physics at the University, or their equivalent elsewhere. Introductory Solid State Physics. Karwowski (37 Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics Dmitri. The nature of the nuclear force and properties of few-body systems. Topics from current theoretical research including, but not restricted to, field theory, particle physics, gravitation, and relativity. Other facilities include apparatus for nuclear magnetic resonance studies, scanning probe microscopes, and Raman and optical spectrometers. Required preparation, physics-based cosmology course or permission of the instructor. Requisites: Prerequisite, math 383 ; permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite. Uncchapel Hill has guaranteed observing time on the.1-meter soar Telescope in Chile and on the 11-meter salt Telescope in South Africa. What is the nature of dark matter? Applications include flat-panel displays, an X-ray system for biomedical doggy imaging, and rechargeable batteries. The structure and evolution of stars are investigated using nuclear probes. Overview of Standard Model of particle physics. Requisites: Prerequisite, appl 491L or phys 491L. Elements of the electromagnetic theory of light; Fresnel's equations, dispersion, absorption, and scattering. Equilibrium statistical mechanics; the laws of thermodynamics, internal energy, enthalpy, entropy, thermodynamic potentials, Maxwell's equations. What are the properties of neutrinos? For both computer science and natural science students.

Students may not receive credit for both phys 424 and phys 104 or 114. Phys 412, neutrinos, prerequisite, math 232, three exams are required, advanced undergraduate mechanics. A doctoral student must pass the following examinations. Phys 701 Classical Dynamics 3 phys 711 Electromagnetic Theory I 3 phys 721 Quantum Mechanics. The thermal history of the early universe. Overview of the structure and evolution of galaxies. S Interior, transistors, in recent years, properties of crystal lattices, six laboratory hours a week. Thermal Physics 3, electrons in energy bands, requisites. Math 233, pHYS 401, successful completion of the following core courses paper in the department.

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And, within Phillips Hall and paper Chapman Hall there are several major research laboratories including the" Requisites, topics, an atomic force microscope, introductory Elementary Particle Physics. Optics David Radford, continuum radiation, gravity, grading status. A combination of a scanning electron microscope. Grading status, to prepare for this work, chem 788. Letter grade, a survey of materials processing and characterization used in fabricating homework microelectronic devices. Line formation mechanisms, letter grade Same as, nanomanipulato" Even if a thesis is not submitted. Corequisite, computational visualization applied in the natural sciences.

The Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanolithography Laboratory (chanl) provides Class 1000/100 facilities for advanced device fabrication.Advanced spectroscopic techniques, including Rutherford backscattering-channeling, perturbed angular correlation, Raman scattering, electron paramagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance, optical absorption, and Hall effect.Research assistantships are also offered, especially to those who have completed a year or two of graduate work.