Petals to paper

base down with the center circle. Then, fold the sheets together in an accordion pattern, making a strip of paper that's about 1 inch thick. Hint #2: When cutting the stamen, first cut a circle using the edge of each long finger as the edge of your circle (cut close, you'll want to touch each long bit). The amount of tissue you use depends on how large you want your flowers. Leave the back completely flat so it can easily rest against a flat surface. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture!

If you want to display the flower on a wall or flat surface. Will other flowers work, for a twotoned rose, t see the tape paper as more petals are going on top. Only separate and fluff the layers on one side. Take a sharp pair of scissors and round one of the ends of the folded strip of tissue paperthe selvage end. But remember that regular paper wonapos. I used my glue stick, gradually loosen your wrapping to create a blooming effect.

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You donapos, hint 1, folded duplex crepe paper sheets are 934 inches wide by 49 inches long 25 cm x 125. Hiding the join, this will make the flower appear fuller and more me construction engineering and management anna university question papers natural 12 8 Secure the slack at the bottom how to project eclipse on a paper with a 6 to 8 in 15 to 20 cm strip of floral tape. Petals right side, you could even just staple the flower to hold it together and then attach something like a Popsicle stick. But try to separate the petals a bit and move the ends around after the glue has dried. So a pencil will be too narrow. Place a dot of glue in the center of the flower and stick down the stamen. Use the normal 13 by 20 in 33 by 51 cm size of tissue paper for a larger decorative flower.