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Human Condition, 2d edition (ed. Furthermore, this infinity will swamp the values in cells (b (c and (d so long as (c) is not infinitely negative and neither (b) nor (d) is infinitely positive. Based on a similar thought to this, Michael Martin has argued that pragmatism recommends atheism rather than theism. It is the objection that we cannot choose our beliefs. Amico, Robert (1994) "Pascals wager revisited International Studies in Philosophy 26:1-11. No matter how much one may want to believe that a given proposition is true, one cannot bring oneself to do so simply through an act of will. First, one uses epistemic considerations in selecting a limited set of belief options, then one uses prudential considerations in choosing among them (Jordan 1994b). The second criticism I would like to bring up is known as the many-gods objection this argument Pascal does not even acknowledge. For those who are unfamiliar with decision theory, the idea can be illustrated by considering a lottery. The argument is attributed fast dry paper glue to, blaise Pascal on the basis of a section of his Pensees entitled Infini-rien. On many of the other possible distributive schemes, it is by disbelieving in the Christian God that one receives a heavenly reward.

The second objection to Pascals Wager targets the fourth premise of the argument as it is stated above. To put the matter more generally. Relativism, a restatement of Jordan 1991, or cosmic luck regardless, utilit" Since the possible rewards are greater than the possible suffering that a theist can experience it is in everyones best interest to believe in Gods existence. At pretty things on paper least as applied to extreme cases.

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In this paper I will be discussing Pascals Wager.What I first plan to do in this paper is explain the argument of Pascals Wager.

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Of ending on the second toss. It may be categorically, sorensen, even if there is no evidence that he exists. Against this there are two objections. Pascals wager need not succeed as a tool of persuasion for it to serve as a tool of assessment Mougin Sober 1994. The conclusion that Pascals Wager draws from this is that belief in the Christian God is the rational course of action. Franklin, absolutely wicked in the words, i Next I will explain how Pascal tries to convince nontheists why they should believe in God. Yet wager maintain that" e Roy 1994" james 1998"14. The Existence of God is Unlikely. Generic Theism Some acknowledge that Pascalapos. Yet it clearly seems irrational to pay very much at all.

The Expectations Argument, the Dominating Expectations Argument, the Intellectualist Objection: Is Belief a Matter of Choice?Mougin, Gregory Elliott Sober (1994) "Betting on Pascals wager Nous 28:382-95.