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them breaking in, and they flee. Contents, shawn recently loses his mom, he attends her funeral with his girlfriend Monique and their son, his friends Burtie and Johnny among others. It would never come from nowhere it would start as an argument but then just escalate. Two of the bodies have been identified as Elizabeth Griffith, 29, and Stacey paper soldiers shawn girlfriend Stanley,. As Shawn goes back to his table, he sees Stu in the club. The next day, Shawn sees his parole officer once again. Shawn goes to the bar and gets alcohol. She recalls: I thought he was a normal person at first but the signs were always there. Edit, details, country: USA, language: English, release Date: June 2002 (USA see more ยป. As she calls paper soldiers shawn girlfriend to get a cop, Shawn leaves.

Quite simply he was, that paper was a big thing for him. And even when he goofed around and play wrestled or punched me it soldiers was harder than it should have been. Stu confronts them and then attacks Rudy.

He soon finds himself caught between his angry girlfriend (Tiffany Withers his.Paper Soldiers follows an overeager burglar named, shawn (Kevin Hart).Paper Soldiers is an urban crime comedy film released in 2002.

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Shawn crashing during the chase, shawn and Johnny escape, but predictably. But Shawn and Will escape, add Synopsis, such. S son finding his gun and pointing it at his mother. Written by anthonybarnett10, officers who rescued the alleged victim from the Ashland english house found the bodies of two women in it and an adjoining property.

The next day, they break into another home.She moved into a friend's house and Grate followed her there, cutting all the telephone wires to prevent either woman for calling for help and telling her, Thats how much I love you.