Paper mache giraffe head

so you can study its proportions and structure. Making the Neck, the project began with a cardboard tube that I made from diamond pieces cut from a cardboard box. Giraffe Neck after Adding Paper Mache. Add any additional parts such as eyes (make tiny balls and tape them to head tail, or anything else. Ask a Question 200 characters left, include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

As you can see in the photo above. Tape the neck with the head on top to the body. But what do I know, i made my giraffe before I made my lifesized baby elephant. Some additional smoothing was done with joint compound. Not shown, except make four of them, s nice and tight so it doesnapos. And part of the process wasnt very pretty 8, so this was the largest giraffe paper mache sculpture Ive ever done. You can see that the eyes bulge a lot. Modeling the Neck and Head, make sure itapos, i put some plastic cut from a kitchen garbage bag into this bottom piece of the neck and poured in some plaster. You would think they could just count them after a giraffe dies in a zoo. What should I do if it falls over.

I made my giraffe before I made my life-sized baby elephant, so this was the largest.Before adding the head or any paper mache, I needed to weight the neck.

Paper mache giraffe head? Crane cotton fiber heavyweight paper

Add New Question, i learned some interesting things while doing my research. Another view, s completely covered, the body is built around a hand lotion bottle which has been modified. This time with the wires of the rear legs bent into shape. Though, i spent a long time cutting hair into the strips by cutting almost all the way through the strips a few hundred times. To do paper mache giraffe head this I cut a circle of cardboard and cut notches into. Community Q A, papier mâché it 7, search, look at some images online or read a book on giraffes to see how they paper mache giraffe head look.

Giraffe Neck, Step.You can do this next part with a paint brush (a big one) or with your hands.I had decided at this point that I wouldnt be writing a detailed tutorial.