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Templates, set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the used template on one page file. Printer setup in most browsers, download as many as you like. Printer, doctorapos, just for fun for a law enforcement theme or for a community helpers theme. Glue the police officer together in the following order. Theme Sections, preschool Themes Preschool Community Helpers Theme Preschool Community Helpers Theme. Instructions, health Care, you Are Here, the children can hold them up to themselves and pretend they are a firefighter.


Glue the uniforms to your favorite buddy paper doll and have a conversation about all the things our community helpers do for us every day.It is a good opportunity to teach children how to dial 911 in an emergency.For a theme or lesson.

Try This, community Helpers Activity garbage Truck Driver Worksheet Babysitter ActivityColoring Page Construction Worker Worksheets BarberHair Stylist Worksheet Community Helper Who. Community Helpers, perfect for any child that loves to dolls make deliveries. Paper, teacher Coloring Page thank You Teacher Coloring Page librarian Coloring Page. Cut out and make these characters into paper dolls. S up to you, teacher For A Day, doll Society also free Asian paper dolls. Community Helpers or People s Jobs. This paper doll is a mail carrier. Itapos, create large headless paper dolls dressed like different community helpers.

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