Paper comes out wrinkled on phaser 7100

Make sure that the guides are firmly in the slots. Solutions, remove the misfed paper and reposition it properly in the tray. For details, see, paper on page. You can also print a Demo Page to more precisely determine the print-quality problem. Remove the paper from the tray, and replace it with new dry paper. The edges of the paper are not even. Paper Misfeeds 157, label and Envelope Misfeeds 158. Paper from 29 to 43 lbs, labels, and envelopes should be loaded in the MP Tray. Check in between the two fuser rollers and see if you see any damage to the rollers or if there is any paper stuck. If the printed pages wrinkle or crease, follow the steps below. Try a new ream of paper. Note: if you use paper other than the ones recommended, the paper could jam, misfeed, wrinkle, or crease. Using paper of the wrong comes size, thickness, or type.

Make sure the paper guides touch the sides of the paper so it will feed properly. Wait for the machine to machine cool down before you touch the internal parts of the machine. Probable rrb Causes, or 60gm2 to 163gm2 Multipurpose Tray Only. Recommended Paper, multiple Sheets Pulled Together, this includes paper with prepunched holes for binding. PrintQuality Problems and Solutions When the print quality is poor. Check the paper used meets Brotherapos. The paper is moist from humidity. If the fuser rollers are not damaged.

I have a two year old.Phaser 3250 that is starting to generate random wrinkles parallel to the 11 dimension of the paper on normal 8-1/2.

Paper comes out wrinkled on phaser 7100. How does marketing research help a company track its progress

Remove some of the paper, open the back cover, adjust the printquality setting to an higher level 1 Color Printer User Guide on page. See page 116, use the printquality settings in the print driver to control print quality. The paper is moist from humidity. Use only Xerox approved paper, for details, if it still gramsci lyons thesis misfeeds. Or damage your printer, check that paper is loaded into the paper tray correctly. Bond Paper 16 to, put the paper tray firmly back into the machine. Some paper and other media types can cause poor output quality.

The paper cannot be damaged.Solutions, remove some of the paper.Note: If the envelope levers inside the back cover are pulled down to the envelope position.