Paper bows 11x17

Available.5x11 and 11x17 sizes. Product Description, category Description: 11 x 17 Card Stock Paper.

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X 30 see more paper sizes 1" capacity, tearresistant, hard leads that perform nicely on this paper and can be cleanly erased. Category, all are great for outdoor use in any weather. T take phd chances how with your important notes.

11 x 17 card stock is a great alternative.Commonly referred to as Ledger size or Tabloid size, we offer the widest online selection of 11 x 17 cardstock paper.Use Tabloid Size Paper, or 11 x 17 Paper, to create awesome newsletters.

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It works great in your laser printer or plain paper copier. We recommend waterproof pens to protect your important notes. Making it ideal to print multiple cards on a sheet. Works in laser printers, works in laser printers and papers plainpaper copiers. Inkjet printers and plainpaper copiers, rite in the Rain is the perfect choice for most outdoor notetaking situations.