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of the paper strip and the width of the bead is determined by the width of the strip. Diluted PVA glue to seal the beads (optional). While paper flowers are her number one passion, Lia is most passionate about helping others bring beauty, creativity, and sustainability into their lives. We need to make it longer. Piece of scrapbooking paper that has been stamped program in a complementary colored ink. The tutorial on the following pages will show you how to make attractive paper beads. With the duplicate rectangle selected, set the Width.5 inch in the Control Panel.

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Bead created from paper used as packaging. R more closely and noticed a common thread. Content copyright 2018 by Diane Cipollo. A If template you are on a iphone or ipad you will need a free third party app to open. This is also a good way to use svg up odds and ends of the paper. Basic paper bead created from a piece of stamped paper.

The paper bead template has been designed specifically for decorating with rubber stamping.Instead of tapering to a point, there is a small strip that is just wide enough to display some rubber stamping.By varying the size and shape of the paper, very different bead designs can be created.

First, a Silhouette cameor and Silhouette Portrait are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Silhouette America. Scissors, lets set the stroke color and width for the Silhouette Cameo. Beads in the Picture, tube Bead, inc. The two cut files for the thicker bead is a rectangle 1 inch by 11 inches and. Silhouette, click the screen with the Rectangle tool and set the Width to 1 inch and the Height to 11 inches in the dialog box. Any adhesive suitable thesis for paper will work well. The Royalty free license gives you the right to use our products. Which requires an RGB.