Paper bag owl craft

fun paper bag owl puppets! Glue the smaller wings on top of the larger wings. You now have a cute paper bag owl craft that can also be an owl puppet! Glue the tummy onto the body. Get Familiar with Your, paper, bag : I'm going to walk through this slowly. .

Now classmates can read your clues and then lift the paper bag owl craft paper to see if their guesses as to who made the owl are correct. And they can, cut out the pieces to be used as tracers. Be sure to check out our sea otter puppets. Look at the rest of the front of the bag.

Each fall Id have my class make these paper bag owls. Just like when they are brand new. Now its time to add the mla style paper no teacher wings to the paper bag. quot; need fantastic suggestions about arts and crafts. Color or B W, you can use wiggly eyes instead of the paper template pieces. quot; when my daughter was" use a black marker to add detail to the wings and other parts of your owl puppet.

They will love making this simple and cute paper bag mermaid craft.If the kids goof and glue the wings onto the front or back of the bag, it isn't a big deal.