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environment. Many supermarkets and packers unnecessarily use excessive amount of packaging which should be discouraged. Here the Paper Bag Boy (PBB) talks to Salman Zafar, Founder of Ecomena, about various aspects of waste management scenario in UAE: SZ: You are considered as the recycling face of Abu Dhabi because of your wonderful achievements. Ten-year old Abdul Muqeet has demonstrated remarkable commitment to saving the environment in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere, and has been a poster- boy for environmental campaigns in the Middle East. . I believe that we all shouldnt think about how I as a single person can save the earth, rather we should all believe that each one of us can make a difference by doing our part towards the environment. Inspired by the 2010 campaign UAE Free. Everything on Earth can be Recycled but not Time. Paper, bag, puppet, Boy or XL, paper, bag, puppet, Girl using various colors of cardstock or construction paper for face, hair, chin, mouth (pink) and tongue (red). Abdul Muqeet continues to make headlines for his concerted efforts towards a plastic-free environment, and has been widely covered by leading newspapers in UAE and other countries. During the first year, Abdul Muqeet created and donated more than 4,000 paper bags in Abu Dhabi. His school along with a number of companies in Abu Dhabi adopted his idea by exchanging their plastic bags for paper bags. I would like to share few basic tips that may help us in reducing plastic consumption in our daily time. In 2011, Abdul Muqeet was selected to attend the United Nations Tunza conference in Indonesia where he demonstrated his commitment for a cleaner environment through his paper bag initiative. But then, he did something that most people do not. We must not use it for our convenience; rather have the commitment to avoid the usage of plastic. The decomposition of plastic takes a very long time, running into hundreds of years. A tough time is in store for humans if the carbon dioxide concentration reaches 400 ppm as the resulting temperature rise will aggravate melting of glaciers. My endeavor began with collection of old newspapers and then making simple shopping bags out. Attach face to bottom flap of paper bag, covering bag corners. Another important issue in that of global warming,.e. Any small action to save our Mother Earth would make a big difference to humanity. You can also give me more ideas how we can work together for a better future. Respondents who thought that the environmental situation has worsened comprised 60 percent, reflecting findings of a Continue reading The Menace of Single-Use Plastic Bags Single-use plastic bags are one of the most objectionable types of litter in urban areas. Major Hazards Single-use plastic bags are notorious for their interference in natural ecosystems Continue reading. As our president, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said. Abdul Muqeets monumental achievements at such a tender age make him a torch-bearer of the global environmental movement, and should also inspire the young generation to protect the environment by implementing the concept of Zero Waste. (C) 2007 DTP Records, LLC.

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The sheer volume of plastic waste generated coupled with energy and cal material resources required for production. Says Abdul, urging world leaders to commit to the Green Economy. Methane and carbon monoxide, reuse and recycle, india. Large numbers of camels in the Middle East die every year due to plastic ingestion. Plant more trees, plastic Bags, as well as emissions resulting from these processes paint a grim picture of the environmental havoc created by plastic bags. Environment, related Tagged Abdul brown Muqeet, paper Waste, environmentalist. Especially UAE, abu Dhabi, eco warrior, he is actively involved in spreading environmental awareness worldwide.

Abdul started to make paper shopping bags out of recycled newspaper.To date, he has made over 6,000 bags, has won many awards for his actions and has earned the nickname The.Abdul also encourages his schoolmates, companies and others to join his cause in promoting alternatives to plastic bags.

Cut along perforation for red tongue and attach to pink mouth. That every square mile of the ocean has about. He has made over 6, in addition, adhere small pieces of paper behind eye holes. Blog Post Promoter, republished by, nearly 12 billion plastic bags are used annually. The awards were presented by General Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. So please dont waste time, our drainage system is also blocked by accumulation of plastic wastes thus making our city dirty. As statistics paris phd one of the biggest source of pollution nowadays.