Orange vellum bristol paper

end of a paper machine that determines the width of the paper. Suction Press In this type of press, one roll is drilled and shell of the drilled roll rotates over a suction box. Light Weight Coated (LWC) Coating applied at 7-10 g/m2 on one or both sides of the paper Light Weight Coating (LWC) Coating applied at 7-10 g/m2 on one or both sides of the paper. Rag papers and rag-containing papers with admixtures of chemical pulp are used for banknotes, deeds, documents, books of account, maps and copperplate engravings and as elegant writing papers. Fiber Debris Pieces of material which has been separated from the main body of the fiber. Optical Brightener Fluorescent papers dyes added to paper to enhance the visual brightness; the dye absorbs ultraviolet light and re-emits it in the visual spectrum. Paper-ink Affinity The tendency for paper and ink to attract and stay attracted to each other. Most are made with a blue white tint. Sett A number of units or bales picked up at the same time by crane or truck. Batch Cooking A chemical pulping process in which a discrete quantity of fibrous raw material is individually process. Head Box or Flow Box or Breast Box The part of the paper machine whose primary function is to deliver a uniform dispersion of fibers in water at the proper speed through the slice opening to the paper machine wire. Permanganate Number (K Number) Chemical test performed on pulp to determine the degree of delignification. Tear Index Tear index tearing resistance/basis weight. Job Lot Out of specification, defective or discontinued types of paper made in small quantities for special orders and sometimes sold at lower than regular prices. Lime Sludge or Sludge Sludge of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) formed during preparation of white liquor in the chemical recovery process. High tensile strength is essential. It indicates the number of grams of chlorine consumed by 100 g of pulp under specified conditions. Picking (Papermaking) To transfer the wet sheet from wire part to press part. Pick Up Roll Roll, which lifts the wet paper or paperboard off the wire to transfer to press. and the sizing agents must fulfil a wide range of tasks. Its stunning how amazing this technique. F Fabric Press Paper machine wet press that uses a special multiple weave fabric belt sandwiched between the regular felt and the rubber covered roll, increasing the capacity to receive and remove water from the nip between the rolls. The durable synthetic fiber papers are used for maps and highly important documents such as driving licenses or vehicle registration books. Will normally happen only in a pile that prevents the center of the sheets from picking up the same amount of moisture and leveling out or cockling.

The impingement angle and the position of the impingement onto the forming board will determine the water removal and the activity produced at this point. The optical change is related to the effect of fibers poking through the airwater interface. Weak pigment layer which dusts easily. Covered with fine mesh wire, or paper matte finish and helps prevent the underlying ink from rubbing off. Which revolves in a vat of stock. Intaglio A method of printing in which an image or letter is cut into the surface of wood or metal. Creating tiny wells, vacuum Box See Suction Box Vat Machine A paper or board making machine comprising one open ended cylinder. Or more than one open ended cylinder in series. Recycled fiber or a combination of both.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.;.Vellum bristol card stock 250 sheets of blue cardstock ;.5 x 11 Copier, inkjet, and laser printer guaranteed for hassle-free performance.

Hickey An irregularity in the ink coverage of a printed page. ADF includes cellulose and lignin, primary litmus clarifier sediment and other solid waste. Waxed paper paper normally made opaque for printing by loading with titanium dioxide.

Fiber Coarseness Weight per unit length of fiber.The test duration must be specified to properly know the absorption rate.