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to get a glimpse of how the United Nations works when I met new people during the trip. Teamwork Coca-Cola femsa is a big company, so everyone must contribute to the success of the company. Randy Ailemi Valdez, 19, International Studies under the track of International Politics, with a Minor of Peace Studies, Miriam College. For example you are confused ojt reflection paper sample with what you are doing, you can always ask for your teammates suggestions or assistance on that particular matter. His overall job is to supervise the other employees and coordinate all the work done inside the office. Describe the different office equipment / devices in your department There are a lot of computers in our office. To apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. With my typing skills, I was able to finish the work on time. One of my weak points is that I dont have the confident of doing things on my own, I always relay to my co-intern because Im afraid to commit mistakes and be punished. You never know; they might hire you after the internship or in the future. In addition, it also help the coordinator to monitor the students under the on the job training programs. All we can do as students is to learn whatever we can in school, be inspired, love the path we take, and finally do our best in everything we do, with a positive outlook in mind.

Founded in Mexico in 1890, simply put, training on Estimate. For me, what were the challengesproblems had you encountered during your practicum and did you solve them. My typing and Microsoft office skills were also enhanced since the task that were given to me is where it is focused. The office is cooled by two ojt reflection paper sample aircondition unit since the office has a lot of computers. He also monitors and assists the loading and unloading of merchandise inside the plant. Employees are helpful and kind, especially in a real working environment. They own their success not just to their hardworking employees. Luckily, do you need to write an essay. Begin at the beginning and then work on how to solve the problems one at a time. I suggest to have a website or ojt reflection paper sample email where in we are able to send a day to day or weekly report online.

Reflection Paper OJT (On The Job Training) My experience in the City Human.Resource Management Office Tagum.OJT (On the Job Training).

The whole experience of going to another country and facing issues that need to be addressed was quite memorable. One of my duties is encoding information to the computer or database 90page, advise to future OntheJob Trainees, text as my professor would say. We will write a custom sample essay on Ojt reaction paper specifically for you. FOR only, do you prefer to work alone or with a team.

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They practice working as a team inside the office because they believe that two heads are really better than one.Start with what you know, and remove the unknown.