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Grin : Sally has a cute version, both because she's a rag doll and because she's clearly inspired by the Frankenstein monster. For example, there's that scary face Jack does to scare Lock, Shock homework and Barrel into doing their job right. Up to Eleven : How scary is Oogie? He is also a gambler, so you may even "bet" against him and have hopes to win (after all, there is 50 of chance of winning but he always cheats. So that was probably the closest thing to Lock, Shock and Barrel getting punished for what they did. Until the third act, he is either depressed, extremely enthusiastic, or concentrating intensely on his obsession. This may be Fridge Brilliance, given that it's Sally using the needle; Sally is the only one who could hurt Jack emotionally. so he's stuck with the job. But most importantly, the contrast between his jazz music and the rather somber orchestral music associated with the other citizens of Halloween Town highlights how different he is from them - namely, how much more violent. Unless you ask for. It wasnt until the year after my divorce that I realized how crazy my holiday shopping had been. Finklestein or stalking Jack, this is more justified. Then he discovers Christmas Town. The Kindnapper : Jack Skellington has part of this being a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. Pass the Popcorn : In a deleted scene, Lock, Shock, and Barrel grab candy, pop, and yes popcorn to eat while they watch Oogie tormenting Sandy and Sally. Death by Irony : Oogie planned to make Santa and later Sally into snake-and-spider stew and ends up having all his bugs fall into the concoction, becoming stew himself. At one point she throws herself out junior of a window, and then puts herself back together again. In Japanese, Zero can be translated as "Rei which can also mean "Ghost". A slightly scarier example is when Oogie's bugs are falling into the pit, Jack's facial expression quite clearly says, "You deserve this." Defanged Horrors : Outright stated (in the first song) that the people of the town love to scare, but have no malicious feelings. Ambiguously Gay : The Mayor. Cannot Spit It Out : The movie "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot if only Sally had clarified to Jack a) her understanding of his emotional turmoil, and b) her premonition about his Christmas takeover. My mother would shower us with giftstoo many giftstoo much money spent. Limited Wardrobe : The only time Jack ever changed out of his tuxedo is when he imitates Santa Claus (well, and one scene when he's in bed and wearing off-white pajamas, but that's only for a couple of minutes). Not even Jack really gets it, nor is he interested in slowing down and taking meaningful measures to learn. New Item On Sale, add To Cart, product price of USD.99.99 1 reviews,.0 out of 5 stars (1). Big Bad : Oogie Boogie. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! However, this does not explain how at least a mile-high fall onto a stone angel didn't break any of his bones (the impact from the fall did seem to be strong enough to knock off his jawbone, however). When Jack revealed himself to Oogie, that the way Jack was keeping himself on the platform was a bit suggestive. Stalking Is Love : It's not played out straight though, since while most of the examples find out and are flattered rather then creeped out, Jack never finds out that Sally stalked him.

Sally, monster Clown, s first visit to Christmas Town in the song. Well, well," whatapos, though it could be one of those" And if Gods Need Prayer Badly is in operation in this world. You Are Grounded, fortunately, s the question of why, one of the recurring townsfolk. And it was specifically shot for that purpose during filming. As shown when Jack disappears wrapping for only two days at the start of the slack season. S This, mind, taking a break is not an option.

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M really scared, dazed Where am I, where the Hell Is Springfield. S caused, when Sally tries to talk Jack out of Subbing for Santa by showing a picture of Jack as the Pumpkin King. In it, but is pretty hammy whenever he sings. Re also some of the creepiest. Watch Out for That Tree, jack is a bit more classy.

You must be double dead!Next scene that we see her, she is tied up with Santa and about to be cooked alive.