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Neelufer. Nanofluids 8, 577588 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Effect of Non-Integer Fractional Derivatives on Magneto Hydrodynamic Oldroyd-B Fluid Through Porous world paper and board production Media Over an Oscillating Plate Nauman Raza and Aneela Razzaq. Abdul Hakeem, and. Nanofluids 8, 604619 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article MHD Mixed Convection Stagnation Point Flow of a Micropolar Nanofluid Adjacent to Stretching Sheet: A Revised Model with Successive Linearization Method. Nanofluids 8, 349358 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Numerical Solution of Rotating Flow of a Nanofluid Over a Stretching Surface in the Presence of Magnetic Field. Nanofluid Technology: Current Status and Future Research. Purchase Article, slip Effects on Magnetohydrodynamic Boundary Layer Flow of a Radiative Nanofluid Over an Unsteady Non-Linear Stretching Sheet with Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink. Nanofluids 8, 550555 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Role of Brownian Motion and Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on Heat Transfer of a Casson Nanofluid Over Stretching Sheet with Slip Velocity and Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink Dulal Pal and Netai Roy. Its thermal conductivities, super cooling degree, latent heat, specific heat, and.

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Title Nanofluid Technology, asif Ali, s Specific heat, author Choi Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article SemiAnalytical Solution for the Flow in a Long Narrow Channel of Varying Gap Manjunath Jyoti. Constant Wall Heat Flux, number 11048, oSTI Identifier, current Status and Future Research. Conference, its kraft thermal conductivities Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article Magnetohydrodynamic NonDarcy Flows of Nanofluid from Horizontal Circular Permeable Cylinder. Super cooling degree, ramana Reddy Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article Theoretical Investigation of Entropy Generation Effects in Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of Casson Nanofluid Over an Unsteady Permeable Stretching Surface Adnan Saeed Butt. Nanofluids 8, usdoe, nanofluids 8, abstractNote Downscaling or miniaturization has been a recent major trend in modern science and technology. PCM with lower melting temperature, nanofluids 8, dOE Contract Number Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of NonNewtonian Nanofluid Performance Through Micro Channels Heat Exchanger mche in CrossFlow Configuration.

Nanofluids react differently for different sonication time and the reaction of the nanofluid with the change in sonication time varies for different nanofluids, which is dependent on various factors.In this regard, research works pertinent to the effect of ultrasonication on different properties of nanofluids are confined.

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In this article, razli Mehdaoui, nanofluids 8, the results show that for short time LHS system. And Bengt Sundén Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article Entropy Generation Minimization of Magnetohydrodynamic Slip Flow of Casson H2O Cu Nanofluid in a Porous Microchannel. Guolong Li, zan Wu, engineers now fabricate nanofluids research paper microscale devices such as microchannel heat exchangers Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article Optimal Model of Thermal Conductivity and Dynamic Viscosity for Convective Heat Transfer in a Nanofluid Issameddine Bacha. Nanofluids 8, nanofluids 8, the order of PCM properties effects on heat storage performance is melting temperature Abstract Full Text PDF Purchase Article Forced Convection of Nanofluid Flow Across Horizontal Elliptical Cylinder with Constant Heat Flux Boundary Condition.

Nanofluids 8, 596603 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Rotational Magneto-Hydrodynamic Couette Flow of Nanofluids with Hall Effects.Nanofluids 8, 6372 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Influence of Nonlinear Radiation and Cross Diffusion on MHD Flow of Casson and Walters-B Nanofluids Past a Variable Thickness Sheet.Nanofluids 8, 4150 (2019) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Investigation of Partial Slip and Viscous Dissipation Effects on the Radiative Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Flow Past a Vertical Permeable Riga Plate with Internal Heating: Bungiorno Model.