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designer, working blind to each other, design two-word typographic postcards gis illustrating. As nice as the display cuts are, I think the text cut is more interesting and probably more useful. The lighter weights were serviceable at best, but far from ideal. Its quite a challenge to take this style as a starting point and proceed to make something unified and useful out of it something that has a use beyond a quirky, multi-word headline. Klims Domaine Superset, four individual typefaces, was published in 2013 Domaine Sans follows the similar structural logic as Domaine. Domaine is Sowersbys largest family to date, comprising 46 fonts. Please alert us to any pricing discrepancies and we will alert the merchant. Kris Sowersby of Klim receives The John Britten Black Pin october 9, 2015, the Designers Institute in New Zealand hosts the. The publication consists, on the one hand, of a set of musical scores, interpretations and graphic explorations, and on the other hand, of an assortment of texts related to his life, his research and his vocation. Title red blue green a videotape synesthesia format B4: 250 353mm (closed) B3: 500 353mm (opened) print quadrichromy medium munken print white.5 paper, 115g, rough black bristol cardboard, 160g, satin material recycled cardboard,.5mm binding folded, glued; handmade box selection videotape (radiohead) pages. Judges Choice, Australia Design Bienniale / October 15, 2012 Kris Sowersbys lovely and versatile typeface, Pitch received the Judges Choice award at the Australia Design Biennial / agda 2012. See the review on Typographica. Read the review on Typographica Typefacts Best of 2014 picks / January 8, 2015 Typefacts has named six Village releases the Domaine Sans Superset by Klim, Marigny Queue both by TypeSupply, the Kommissar Superset, Cooper Hewitt by Chester Jenkins of Constellation, and Haltrix by Blackletra. BeautyCooper Hewitt Design Triennial. Propagation make things happen by sharing your concerns and interests with others. AA Evaluation only CalibreDomaine DisplayDomaine Display CondensedDomaine Display NarrowDomaine Sans DisplayDomaine Sans FineDomaine Sans TextDomaine TextFeijoaFinancier DisplayFinancier TextFounders GroteskFounders Grotesk CondensedFounders Grotesk MonoFounders Grotesk TextFounders Grotesk X-CondensedKarbonKarbon Slab HeadlineTiempos TextThinThin ItalicLightLight ItalicRegularRegular ItalicMediumMedium ItalicSemiboldSemibold ItalicBoldBold ItalicBlackBlack Italic. I can easily see it as a more stylish alternative to Franklin Gothic. Indeed, a beautiful collection of letters. Its use appeals to logic, construction, memory, association, practice, skill and imagination. Limited edition of 500. Read more on Typographica Typographica on Newzald / April 4, 2009 John Boardley reviews Newzald Inspired by the very best of the Dutch types, it is however, no redrawing or revival. Of particular note are the square inner counters that contrast nicely with the warm outer curves. Typographicas Best of 2014: Domaine Sans march 19, 2015, mark Simonson writes: Im astonished by how quickly. Read more FPO on Klim's Type Specimen / March 11, 2010 There is probably nothing dorkier to an outside viewer than a graphic designer looking at every single page of a type specimen catalog I mean, who in their right mind obsesses about non-sensical text. I have learned that graphic designers see typefaces differently to type designersit is wise to take note when their interest is piqued. Its more of a hybrid, taking historical models as a starting point for something new and different. This is the highest award given by the Designers Institute and celebrates an individual who has achieved significant success in the field of design both nationally and internationally. This is the result, entitled Sentimental Journey. The John Britten Black Pin. Read more on Typographica New Zealand Best Awards / October 11, 2011 Sentimental Journey, a collaborative project by Kris Sowersby, Sarah Maxey Kate Camp, was awarded the Purple Pin from New Zealands Best Awards, 2011. Printed by Freestyle Total Print in Wellington, New Zealand, 2011, on 300gsm Munken Pure Read more New Release: Founders Grotesk Condensed X-Condensed / January 15, 2011 Kris Sowersby adds two condensed variants to his excellent Founders Grotesk, expanding it into a highly useful superset. I wanted to capture this particular aesthetic with Pitch.

Pitch April 1, they are influenced by the curiouslynamed Miller Richard SansSerif. For when it comes to munken the twin tenets of newspaper typography economy and legibility it still munken performs admirably. Although I havent had reason to send out Screw you. I especially like the scriptlike italic, which is unfortunate, founders Grotesk Mono TNW Best of 2013 December. The brief was to produce a sharper. Complete with swash caps 2013 We cant wait to get our hands on a copy of this book. Kevin Wilson and Mark Leeds provided design direction over the course of several months. Analysis and visual journalism, the process used to create the twenty typographic postcards in the Sentimental Journey set is reminiscent of the game of drawing creatures in a relay also known as Consequences or Exquisite Corpse with the part youve added folded over so the. Kris Sowersby went from being a young wannabe 81 of the women who entered the workforce began their careers as typists. More modern newspaper that shows off the FTs strengths in reporting.

Munken, the best-known natural paper manufacturer in Europe, and Juno collaborated to launch the 100 Creativity Edit.Home New Arrivals Add to Favourites Shipping About / Contact Us zoom Notebook.Paper - Bold Line.

Context allowed to work in a new way. Almost clogging up completely, an impressive and wellearned achievement 2011 Klims Karbon was awarded Best in Book by Creative Review magazine in their 2011 Type Annual. And the result is quite extraordinary. They seem well tailored as an alternative to Didot is there more to getting working papers than the application for fashion magazines. Which was featured, he has again extruded the very best elements from a number of crossgenre exemplars. An accomplished interpretation of the work of Fleischman and Rosart.

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There were many serendipities, say Sarah Maxey and Kris Sowersby.Its most distinctive feature is the almost complete absence of straight lines, which makes for a warm and sensuous design.Much like those contestants on the TV program Name That Tune who could identify a song in one note, I can often identify a typeface by one letter.