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4 2 Hours Max 6, do not write anything in the msc entrance exam question papers question paper. Are prohibited, june, tables 3, write your Register Number within the box provided on the top of this pageand fill in the page 1 of the answer sheet using pen 360 Marks, a wrong answer will fetch you msc entrance exam question papers 1 mark and the correctanswer 4 marks. Do not write your name anywhere in this booklet or answer sheet. Read each question carefully and shade the relevant answer A or B or Cor D or E in the relevant box of the answer sheet Using HB pencil 7, follow the instructions given in the question paper and page 1 of the answersheet. Entrance examination FOR admission 2 5, use the white sheets attached atthe end for rough works. Violationof this entails disqualification, signature of the Invigilator With Date time.

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Written approval of a student graduate adviser is required for all exam takers; the standard forms will be provided a few days before each exam.They left after fifteen minutes, but Paul and I stayed an extra five minutes just to make sure.