Monkey toilet paper holder

paper and towel rolls for a great holiday decorating project- make paper roll skeletons for Halloween! Japanese Rain Doll - This tutorial shares how easy it is to make this Japanese rain doll out of cardboard tubes and paper. Cardboard Tube stores that sell white board paper in pacoima Red Firecrackers - - A common printable letter writing paper caribbean style decoration during Chinese New Year is a string of red firecrackers. Paper Tube Snowman - This snowman is fun to make for kids and makes a nice Gift for a friend or relative. Wrapping Tube Track - - With just a few snips here and some duct tape there, an empty wrapping-paper tube revs back to life as a double track - the ideal venue for racing balls or toy cars, and one that's perfectly engineered for solo. Pull the string and the Mayflower moves both directions towards or away from Plymouth Rock using paper towel roll, paper, and drinking straws. Easy Fold and Cut Star of David - You can use these to decorate wreaths, hang in a row to make a chain or hang a bunch from a paper towel roll wrapped in blue construction paper to make a mobile.

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MDesign Freestanding Metal Wire, toilet Paper, roll.Holder, stand and Dispenser with Storage Shelf for Cell, Mobile Phone - Bathroom Storage Organization - Holds 3 Mega Rolls - Satin.

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Kids will enjoy dipping their fingers in the different colored paints and making the leaves with their fingerprints.However, you can eliminate the problem by insulating the interior of the toilet tank.Football Player Craft - This football player toilet paper roll craft makes a great project to occupy kids while parents are watching the game.