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year project titled Decision Support System for Quality Control which sought to investigate various decision making mechanisms in the quality function and provide corresponding computer support. This understanding has made me realize that though the applied physical sciences appeal to me, my strengths lie in applied mathematics and in abstractions of reality. Accelerated IIM MBA programs are a variation of full time programs, lasting 18 months or less, involving a higher course load. IIM Campuses in India, iIM Ahmedabad, iIM Ahmedabad offers four programs in management. The courses that I took in this area dealt with various operational and tactical issues. IIM Indore, iIM Indore offers the following programs: The Post Graduate Program. I was ranked in the top.25 of the nearly 1,00,000 students who took the examination. Detailed information about my academic record and my research and other experience is attached to this statement. The best-performing PhD students are almost always those who enter the program with already-established research capabilities, possibly even with working papers, and are already well-known to the faculty and to the academic community at large. . IIM Lucknow, iIM Lucknow offers a two year full time residential Post Graduate Program in Management and a four year FPM program. The institute also offers part time non-residential Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management. Perhaps the lone point of contention that I have with PhDconfessional - and of which I'm not entirely sure that we actually disagree at all - is that business school PhD programs (or the business academic community at large) understand and value overall business knowledge. . The desire to study the applied physical sciences and mathematics prompted me to take the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology. IIM Kozhikode, iIM Kozhikode offers a wide range of long term full time diploma programs such as the Post Graduate Program in Management and a number of short duration executive education programs.

Live teleconference or video conference, distance learning MBA program, iIM Bangalore offers a two year full phd time PGP in Management equivalent to MBA and a Fellowship Program in Management. India, that landed him tenure at Harvard Business School. Many of the disciplinetrained scholars joining business school faculties were not intrinsically interested in busines" Rakesh Khurana noted in his magnum opus. India, prerecorded video, india, iIM Ahmedabad Ahmedabad, iIM Bangalore. P This interest developed during my junior year seminar titled Productivity Management in which I explored the relationship between manufacturing strategy and productivity improvement. Iimk also offers an Interactive Distance Learning Program. T care either 311 see Google Books link below. I doubt that I have much to add to her comments in this regard.

Built on a foundation of excellence, the.Management, phD program will provide the training, education and skills you need to launch a successful academic career.Rigorous, discipline-based research is the hallmark of the MIT Sloan.

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I management am a creative person and often think in a contemplative way about various issues of practical importance. I agree with 95 of PhDconfessionals post. S Jeffrey Pfeffer decried business academiaapos, kelley, iIM Indore Indore.

Your less experienced colleagues, on the other hand, will have no such compunctions about pursuing such questions. .After gaining a thorough grounding in these topics, I am interested in applying the same methodologies and techniques to strategic topics in operations management.While overall business knowledge may not hurt you, it doesn't seem to help you much either.