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recommend language-editing service provided. For human genes, please refer to the hugo Gene Nomenclature Committee ( hgnc ). The honors thesis and project manuscripts traditionally include the components below. . Preprints can be cited as long as a DOI or archive URL is available, and the citation clearly mentions that the contribution is a preprint. Since you approve it, you become the only owner of the original paper. For further information, please see Additional Requirements for specific article types including Focused Reviews, General Commentaries, Case Reports and Data Reports amongst others or you can check the descriptions defined in the journals "Article Types which can be seen from the "For Authors" menu. Microarray data or Genome-wide association studies any analysis should correct for false positive results. Unless the third-party content is also subject to a CC-BY Creative Commons attribution license, or an equally permissive license, the author(s) must comply with any third-party copyright notices. Various reasons lead two sided christmas wrapping paper youth from all over the world to our website. If an undisclosed competing interest comes to light after publication, Frontiers will take action in accordance with internal policies and Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines. Frontiers authors will receive a 10 discount by visiting the following link: m/frontiers/ The Charlesworth Group Frontiers recommends the Charlesworth Group Author Services, who has a long standing track record in language editing and proofing. While they improve their English, we work on their essays. Please list only 2 initials for each author, without full stops, but separated by commas (e.g. Include terms that are out of place, for example the taxonomic affiliation apart from species name. The references should only include articles that are published or accepted. Note that it is the authors responsibility to maintain the data sets after publication of the Data Report. Bibliography, appendix (optional title page with original approval signature(s). This should be clearly stated upon manuscript submission, in the cover letter and in the manuscript. The text of the abstract section should be in 12 point normal Times New Roman. Your primary goal is almost always to position and verify the notion a audience cant notification promptly. For Clinical Trial article types, please include the Unique Identifier and the URL of the publicly accessible website on which the trial is registered. Please note that Frontiers may request copies of related publications if there are any concerns about overlap or possible redundancy. The corresponding author should also be available post-publication to respond to any queries or critiques.

you An error in a figure that does not alter conclusions OR an error in statistical data not altering conclusions OR mislabeled figures OR wrong slide of microscopy provided. It will be reserved on your account and will be transferred to the writer after paper you approve the paper Patent, email, smith, theses could be the remaining phases belonging to the creating procedure and scholars often tend to discount them or waste insufficient time performing. The next advice will be to take the opportunity. Please note that figures which are not according to the guidelines will cause substantial delay during the production process. Technical replicates within a single experiment are not considered to be independent samples. In general, it should be included in the manuscript author list separated with the wording for or on behalf. The entire document should be singlespaced and should contain page and line numbers in order to facilitate the review process.

Students enrolled in a honors thesis or project of any kind are expected to document their work.This documentation must take the form of a thesis or project manuscript conforming to Commonwealth Honors College content and formatting.

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The intentional misrepresentation or deceptive manipulation of data. Any inclusion of verbatim text must be contained i" Frontiers takes concerns regarding image manipulation seriously. In addition the authors must submit a short biography of the corresponding authors. Beginning after the title bfk rives paper size talas and abstract pages. Tion from a book, manuscript Length Frontiers encourages its authors to closely follow the article geography homework ks2 word count lengths given in the Summary Table. Consortiumgroup members can be listed in a separate section at the end of the manuscript.

If this is not possible, authors are strongly encouraged to make this material available upon request to interested researchers, and this should be stated in the manuscript.Bioethics All research submitted to Frontiers for consideration must have been conducted in accordance with Frontiers guidelines on study ethics.