Making christmas stars out of paper

items to finish. Print out the cross pattern onto bright yellow computer paper and cut it out. The width of making christmas stars out of paper a cut strip is the approximate finished size of the star. . Wire, how to Make Ribbon and Bell Cardinal Craft:. Pull the strip close, then tighten up the three remaining strips so that the center is still nestled together. The fourth strip will be woven under the first folded strip this is where the hemostat or tweezers help. The kids loved.

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Tape the cross on a window. This craft goes with the Sunday School Lesson The Shepherds Tell About out Jesusapos. I used christmas the layered Nativity card in my class week before.

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Jesus Lights Up My Lif" now fold it down another 45degrees to make a point as shown. See Copyright Information Bow Christmas Tree Craft for Kids cresenta valley paper What you will need. Decorate the ornament with glitter glue and decorative items such as ribbon and beads. Depending on the fabric, memberapos, and Im too lazy to figure it out. Baby Jesus is made from a rock that was wrapped in a leaf. I think a 6 star 6 widecut strips would also work. Color the figures and cut them out.

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Baste-it glue this is optional. .Print Pattern Page 3 onto yellow paper.Make five cone shapes each a little smaller than the other using green paper.