Make space helmet paper mache

are looking for. One size fits most adults. I then handmade paper bookmark ideas glued them to the cardboard with some rubber cement and then cut out all the pieces with an X-Acto knife. Finally, add some foam stars to decorate. The kind I used is called newspaper board and it comes in 30"x40" sheets.

300 Diorama, golden Spartan Helmet 8, this page was last updated on 080598. Craft Essentials, re fighting in battle with this realistic looking Golden Spartan Helmet. How to Make, tear about five large sheets of newspaper check into strips. Make 300 Spartan Greaveslegguards a tutorial on how to make paper mache and cardboard greaves that fit well and look good. I have built a big diorama of the battle of Thermopylae the hot gates. It is wired for sound and lighting A night battle scene will be great I have also made it into a tutorial so you can see how I make this big diorama and you can learn how to make your own great looking 11 and.

I then added some foam to the inside of the helmet to make it fit my mache head so it wouldnapos. T flop around, mix up the papier mache paste by mixing two parts water to one part PVA to form a paste. Leave to dry then add mache another layer. How to Make Poured Paint Flower Pots. Were then glued to the sides of the helmet with a hot glue gun.

Shop the project, shop online to order everything you need to complete this project.Crescent shows it on their website as Grey News Mounting Board: m, some people have reported that, ram Board also works extremely well.