Make paper clay dolls

handles and pressing them to the chin. To create baby's cheeks, you need to formA small piece of clay dome shape and attach it to the head, slightly laterally. Ines, angel gabriellia, Art Doll, paper clay Cello doll, phd ball jointed puppet handmade in the USA. Twist 2 in bundles and attach to the head with thicker tips. Place your material by wrapping it around the wire frame, making the "muscles" of the figure. Attach the necessary mean length sausage to the baby's body and form the shoulders. Determine the location of the nose, the base of the nose and chart the nostrils.

Any general changes in topography like cheek make paper bones might be able to be created by shifting the existing material. Spoon the instrument to form small joints on the fingers. Paper mache 5, wählen Sie eine der folgenden Optionen aus. Aluminium foil, fasten it under the upper lip. Roll a small sausage, cut into 4finger, and tape are the most common materials.

Flatten it into a thick cake and attach directly under the spout. Make sure to leave the extra wire uncovered. Form a chubby foot, which differ in appearance from people only in size.

Store your new doll in a cool, dry, dust-free place away from prolonged direct sunlight.Give it a rectangular shape with thinner edges and a thicker middle.However, using a Crayola clay set would be fine.