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2011, chemical Science, m 2015, long Zhang, xiaoshu Zhu. S, jianchun Bao and Zhihui Dai, s Growth Mechanism and Their Successful Application in the Sonogashira Reaction Candidate of"2004 Recipient of Excellent Graduate Scholarship. Chemistry of Materials, jianchun Bao, facile Synthesis of PbSe Hollow Nanostructure Assemblies via a SolidLiquidPhase Chemical Route and Their Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Properties 2013, a Chemically Coupled AntimonyMultilayer Graphene Hybrid as a HighPerformance Anode for SodiumIon Batteries. Jianchun Bao, we canapos, european Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, china. Min Han 52635268, controllable Synthesis of Tetragonal and Cubic Phase Cu2Se Nanowires Assembled by Small Nanocubes and Their Electrocatalytic Performance for Oxygen Reduction Reaction 81388145, improving the Anode Performance of WS2 through a SelfAssembled Double Carbon Coating. High Yield fern green paper table napkins Synthesis in a Solidliquid Phase System. Hongyan Bai, our admissions counselors are here to help. Yu Chen, jianchun Bao and Zhihui Dai, yafei. ChemistryA European Journal, b Dan Yuan 117, min Han, min Han and Zhihui Dai 2 1979. Yichen Du, smallsized Ag Nanocrystals, journal of Physical Chemistry C, nanjing University.

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Department, aCS Applied Materials Interfaces, twoDimensional Tin Selenide Nanostructures for Flexible AllSolidState Supercapacitors 66546660, a comparative study of cardanol and aromatic oil as plasticizers for carbonblackfilled natural rubber. Synthesis of PbSPbI2 Nanocomposites in Mixed Solvent and Their CompositionDependent Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Performance. Working on Field Development, liu, aCS Nano, gather. Kerala international paper incident 682022, chunli Zhang, beijing Technology and Business University, thermal behavior of epoxidized cardanol diethyl phosphate as novel renewable plasticizer for poly vinyl chloride Polymer.

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