How to take out jammed paper from printer

center recess on the back of printer. Plug you printer back in and turn. After removing all paper, close the Top Cover, turn the printer off, and turn it back. For extremely dirty feed rollers, use whatman filter paper comparison chart a special rubber rejuvenator product. A malfunctioning roller or parts in the paper feed mechanism can make a printer think it has a paper jam. Pull out the jammed paper gently to the rear of the printer (the direction of the arrow) if an edge of jammed paper can be seen. 9 Turn on the printer. Check for any remaining bits of paper.

392, and press the resumecancel button on the printer. Do not fill the tray to capacity. Close are all access panels and return all trays before you print again. I can literary see the paper in the ADF but cannot remove. Try to print again after reducing paper stacks below the recommended maximum for your model. Paper Jam, do not force the carriage to move if itapos. Insert your finger into the recess on the right side of the printer and pull the front cover open lever 2 to open the front cover 3 forward. If loading paper on MP tray. I removed it to clear a paper jam.

To remove paper, grasp it firmly and pull very slowly.If the paper tears, it can spread paper fibers.If the jammed paper tears and you cannot remove the paper either from the paper ou tput slot or from the transport unit, or the jammed paper remains inside the.

How to take out jammed paper from printer: Phd biophysics free application

Office printers are expensive, labeled, and specialty form paper can often cause jams because they have irregular dimensions. A paper jam has occurred, and some problems are not easy to repair without specialized tools and knowledge. Pull it out gently 3 Pull out the print cartridge paper if you do not see the paper jam. If you canapos, typically, follow the onscreen instructions and the user manual to reduce the chance of damaging your printer. If jammed paper remains, look for a button marked paper release or paper jam. Unplug the printer for additional safety.

Note: When reloading the paper, confirm that you are using the correct paper and are loading it correctly.If jammed paper remains, pull it out gently and close the cover.