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the paper beads: Take how to make quilling paper designs earrings your strip of paper and wrap the end around how to make quilling paper designs earrings the end of your aluminum tool (or any other object you are using instead. This umbrella shaped earring is very popular in the Indian culture and is usually made out of metal. But if you do that and then try to make a dome out of it, it will not go smoothly. Click here to view more free paper quilling tutorials! So, those are the basic instructions on how to make the paper beads! I used a metallic paper, it is the black pearl jeweltone shade by Lake City Craft. Click here for my full review and tips for Diamond Glaze. I use the end of a pen that I have that has a nice smooth barrel. Let the top ring dry a bit, then fill in the center with glue. Click here to learn how to cut your own strips) You can use any width of paper that you prefer. Today I tried this pair of quilling paper flower earrings and it turned out so perfect! If you are using normal paper instead of metallic it will be easier. Hold for at least a few seconds to make sure it sticks, especially when using the metallic paper like I am here. Diamond Glaze as the final layer (after the sealer has dried). After taking it off of the tool, glue the end of a piece of metallic/trim paper onto the bead. So to make the open rings I use the bottom of my aluminum handled tool to wrap the strip around. Hold the end with the dab of glue and make sure it tucks under the strip as you start rolling. Once it dries you cant move it! Also I will update more quilling paper flowers tutorials, just stay tuned! I use the tip of my tool to press the first part down. Again look at it from all angles to make sure the teardrop is on straight. I fell in love with handmade quilling paper art immediately after I saw them as well. So roll it firmly, but not too tightly! Click here to view a list of places to buy quilling supplies around the world! I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make chain earrings from paper quilled beads! For extra water resistant protection, use something like. Enjoy the tutorial, give it a try, and let me know how it goes If you post your results on your own blog feel free to link back here and to leave a link to your blog post in the comments here, Id love.

Scissors, which ends up being about 120. Let it dry for a minute and then roll the long length up into a disc as shown. Paper Models, you know that when I add the top to a piece of quilled jewelry I like it to be solidly attached. Not just hanging by one piece that is glued. Depending on the colors, it is best to rest your thumbnail against the tool as shown in the last photo so that your roll comes off more easily and doesnt how to stretch a paper hat unravel in the middle.

Summary: Are you interested in handmade quilling paper art?Here I will show you a pair of beautiful quilling paper flower earrings.

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For these I use a different tool instead of the killian papers end of my aluminum quilling tool. Roll the strip of paper around the tool. Use a 6 strip to make it sturdy I used the black pearl color again.