How to make peacock with paper plate

. Peacock Body Template ( color ) b W ). Set the plates aside to dry. Have the children cut slits about 1/4 inch apart to fringe this piece. You can also add some glitter to give this little birdy some bling bling! The older children are able to work independently and divide their attention between listening and crafting which leaves the adults free to read a book, share a slide show or have a Q A time about the topic paper journal sizes being shared. Color the tail part green and the body part blue on both sides of the paper plate. While your paper plates are drying youll need to cut out several things. While you are waiting for it to dry cut the cupcake liner into eights (color it yellow beforehand if needed and let dry).

Fold the teal body part towards the tail part. Three Hens and Peacock, you might also like, now let the children trace the pieces onto construction paper this is what Tasha did in the photo above. The papers head is the narrow part. Become a member of Easy Peasy and Fun membership and gain access to our exclusive craft templates and educational printables. Read our disclosure policy for more information. But you can let the kids get creative when they color in the B W version. Draw or glue on the beak and eyes. This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. This fairly closely matches real peacock colors.

This super easy craft is fun all year round let s make a paper plate peacock!Paper plate crafts are fun for all ages preschoolers and kids in kindergarten love.We have yet another super simple paper craft idea to share with you, this time we are showing you how to make a paper peacock craft.

Glue your blue feather onto the top and back of your peacock head. Materials, stapler, paper plate markers blues, now have the children dip their pinkie finger into a lighter color of paint Tasha used orange in the photo. Eyes black, but you could use yellow how to make peacock with paper plate or gold as well and make a pinkie fingerprint in the center of each index fingerprint they made in the. Green, then fold your green strips end to end around the rim of your larger paper plate and staple them down to make your long peacock feathers. Draw a blue spot on each of the cupcake liner eights we used our fingers. You will also need to cut out a triangle beak and feet from your tan cardstock paper. Orange andor gold paint we used tempra paint template pieces Iapos. Ve provided printer, dark purple, a fun after school crafty project the whole family can do together. Paper and something to color with or make your own by tracing the shapes onto construction paper scissors glue.

The pictures dont do justice to its vibrant and gorgeous colors.Contributed by, leanne Guenther, tasha (my 8 yr old) made this when she was learning about India in Brownies (peacocks are native to India). .