How to make paper claws for your feet

supplies paper(I used thick cardstock but cardboard should work, i didnt test it out) snippers glue wire (26 gauge is what i used) a regular paperclip(not the small kind) plyers scissors and a tack or pin, step 2: Print. Recommendations, holiday Decor, pCB Contest, big and Small Contest. Take the top right corner and fold it over until it touches and is flush with the left side of paper. Ours had a base of orange and red. Just glue it onto your thick card stock or cardboard(it should work) and with a scissor or an X-acto knife cut out the outline. About the Author: Dave Simon lives in St Augustine, Florida, and is always willing to try to make something before buying. Follow the instructions on the expanding foam can. I intended to be a duck, and wanted to make the flippers. She loved them in pink and purple. Step 9: You Are Now Done! Origami is surprisingly easy to do dont be intimidated! . Our aliens have 3 toes, so begin to shape them on this first layer. Dont spray paint too heavily or else you will cover up the lower layers of paint entirely. If you need any help, comment below and i will help. Step 3: Fold the right side over so that the paper is now a square. The first 3 people to make this will win a patch! The monster alien foot will ultimately be green.

How to make paper claws for your feet, Okstate phd dissertation template

Step 3, expanding foam in a can, by Dave Simon. Make Monster and Alien Feet, disposable gloves 516p" then another year the shoes you how to make paper claws for your feet wear can be the costume. The end result is youll have a little pocket that you can stick you finger into.

Step 1, Place the paper on a flat surface.Position the paper horizontally.

After you glue it on and cut it out. Each one is 34, step 4, the paperclip. So work how to make fur out of paper and plastic slowly and watch how your type of foam behaves. And the tape, for the claw segment, keep on doing it for the other 2 body segments and make sure it looks like picture.