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as a photo backdrop for copy your next eventno one will ever guess that the blossoms had such humble beginnings. Did you know that you can craft stunning paper flowers from paper plates? My ffxiv little girl was excited to wear her Paper Lei! . Did this article help you? Cant wait for our luau! Punch holes in the middle of each flower. Pinch the ends of the crepe paper to secure. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. To make these lies: -Start by cutting your straws into 1 inch pieces and punching out your flowers. Supplies you need to make homemade Hawaiian Leis: Large Flower Punch, thick Cardstock drinking straws cut into 1 inch pieces. Step 2: Measure out 2 strands of crepe paper 18 each. Step 1: Gather up a bunch of colorful crepe paper. Be careful not to tear the paper in the process. These floss threaders are a must if you are having kids make these leis. . Click here to share your story. They will love making these leis for a luau or any party. Italian crepe papers, so pretty! Two 18 stands one paper flower. Tell us more about it? Here are some tricks to how we made these-so you can get ready for a luau party this summer! Cut the piece out and make paper flowers out of construction paper, using different colors. Upload error, awesome picture! 3, poke string through the hole of the flower, then thread it through a straw. Consider using silk flowers in place of construction paper. When finished adding straws and flowers, tie the end strings together! . All you need is paint, paper and a little bit of craftiness, as this project proves. Once you have all your flowers created I like to lay them out in order to make sure I like the color arrangement. Since theres still a good two weeks before summer is officially over, I thought it would be fun to show you how to make these colorful leis.

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Create a basic flower design template paper pro high capacity stapler on paper. Did you try these steps, there you have it, i loved the idea of using bright RED paper flowers. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have beautiful party decorations.

How to Make a Paper Lei.To a kid, making a paper lei is similar to the real flower lei.

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Muslin and Merlot, and the ladies loved them, creating a pattern. T have to keep them forever though the little ones may cry if you throw it away. Paper leis will never die, now you have a very cute Paper Lei. Almost like a crown is used today how to make homemade paper leis by kingsqueens. You agree to our cookie policy. You are ready to hula, cut plastic party straws into 1 inch. So keep on alternating the flowers and straws until you get a good length. And other jewelry items can be used along with the straws. You could use multiple colors of flowers and make an even brighter pattern. This project is excellent for younger kids.

Step 5: Begin to tie each flower with a double knot onto your thread so its securely fastened.Some silk flowers can be taken apart and the layers used individually.