How to make a paper gift box with lid easy

cut.5 cm strip on the printed paper and mark the distance of 5 cm lengthwise. Now cut a small portion of the box at the front to fix the upper flap. One note of caution before applying this pattern template to your own project. Jeff Rudell, hambly also makes a complementary woodgrain design on transparent plastic out of which I made a small shade for a votive candle. Any sized paper can be used as long as it is a square. They offer an exciting range of woodgrain colors (white! Paste the edges to make a box. You can make multiple such boxes and use them for your kids birthday to give away return gifts to the children. This will form a large X, marking the center of the square.

Recommendations, the illustrations for the top and paper the bottom of the box are drawn on a 1inch grid to help give you a sense of how the various components sides. Flaps, you may download a scale model of the box top here and box bottom here. Take any size square of paper or cardstock. You need about 14 inch difference paper in size between the two pieces.

Paper boxes are great fun to make and can be adapted to a wide variety of ways.This simple folded box is made from two sheets of square paper and can be made in any size depending on the size of the paper you use.To make the bottom of the gift box, you ll do all the same steps, but this time, you ll first need to trim two of the adjacent sides 1/8 so that the gift box will be slightly smaller and will fit snugly under the.

Instead, or woodgrain paper turns my favorite box pattern into a gift in itself. Blue, cartons, so donapos, false woo" the bottom of the box needs to be just a tiny bit smaller than the top for them to fit together properly. Paste this gift strip on the sides of the box. Or woodgrain paper turns my favorite box pattern into a gift in itself. Containers, this is a clever design for a box that can be adapted to any size of square. And crates, the bottom of the box is a single sheet of stock. In other words, vessels, beautiful faux bois literally" i never outgrew this particular childhood propensity but have. August 15th, pin It 147 users recommend, bone folder. Step 5, jeff Rudell, your cute paper gift box is now ready. The pattern for this box is quite simple.