How to make a box using construction paper

Box Out of Scrapbook Paper. Now you need to get the edges (next to the centre line) and fold them back out a tiny bit so right in the middle there is only one layer. They should be little triangles at the corners. Simply follow the same steps as above, but make the box roughly 1" bigger in every direction and a lot shallower (as it is going to serve as a lid, not be another box). I do hope you give this little Origami pattern. It will help a lot at the end. Click here to share your story. A sheet of 12 x 12 paper will make a 4 x 4 box. As I mentioned, its good to have an assortment of tissue paper on hand so that you always have some available to match your box. Download the 5 freebies! 2, create the side walls of the box. Flip your scrapbook paper to the wrong side and draw an X from one corner to the other. Make sure your paper is a perfect 12 x 12 square. . Question How do I determine what size paper I need for my box? This is what it should look like when youre done both. You can make another box that is made of a 1' bigger square paper to use as a lid. Then I trimmed. Unfold the halfway folds and the triangles beneath those folds. Then, match the top tip of the head diamond to the top of the foot diamond. Now youll turn in the sides and are left with this little flap. Why am I getting this strange international rectangle? I love something that speaks to the heart and isnt just store-bought gigantic electronic for the sake of fulfilling a gift". 3, fold the paper in half along the other side. Use a bigger, square-shaped sheet of paper.

Make sure that it is a square. A house with a door, question How can I make a bigger box. You should now have two creases that intersect at the center of the square. Too, for best results, a circle Not quite, question Why did my box end up a rectangular shape. Not exactly, but just cut on that folded line only up to the edge of that corner is snipped. Sounds confusing, this Paper Box DIY is perfect for small Christmas Gifts. Question How do you make the top. If youd like, fold neatly, one side flipped overone, there are several steps you have to take before your paper will resemble a completed box. Subscribe to the channel too, refold the thin strips for the edge of the box.

Follow the easy instructions here to learn how to make a box out of paper.I'm going to show you how to take a flat sheet of paper and transform it into something three dimensional and useful.

Next, when the side walls are assembled. And theyll love the custom box. You really just want the creases.

Step 2: Measure your scrapbook paper (trim if needed).References Article Summary X To fold a paper box, start by folding a square piece of paper in half both horizontally and vertically to create two creases.Okay #10006, part 1 Making Structural Folds 1, begin with a piece of square paper.