How to fold paper to fit into a small envelope

drawn four narrow boxes rams railway phd at each corner of the paper. Using your ruler, draw a straight line connecting the two marks. Once you are sure they are lined up, use your finger to crease the fold carefully. Fold it up and over so that the bottom edge lines up about one third the way up the page. Line up the top and bottom edges of the letter and then crease the fold. The text should be facing up towards you as though you were reading. Line up the top and bottom of the edges so they are perfectly straight before creasing. Take the letter so that the recipients information faces the front of the envelope.

Address, toner transfer paper australia g Discard the paper you have removed. Hold the envelope so that the flap of the envelope faces you. But do not overmoisten it paper platz masking tape as it will not be able to stick as well 7 Turn the letter sideways and insert into the envelope. Be sure to include a space between the recipients contact information and the salutation.

And Tabs A and C international will hold the sides shut. The name and address of the recipient will be the closest thing to you. Fold Tab D up to the 7 34inch marks 2, also starting from Side, tab D will become the back of the envelope. Folding one flat sheet over itself in such a way that it completely covers what is inside. Slide the edge of the ruler along the letter on the creases so they are nice and flat. When you peek underneath the paper. Place the letter face up on a table 1 cm of blank space from the top of the page to the place where you type the first line of text the date. Consider taking your letter to the post office to be mailed. Tab B will become the top.