How to dirty paper

underneath the funnel. Don't let the paper soak for too long, or it will begin to degrade. Depending on the length of your extension, you may want to use a ladder to reach the higher spots of your wall. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture! It's probably best to write afterward, as the coffee can smudge the ink or lighten the lead on the paper. 3, dust with a cloth. Fill a second bucket with cool water. Any loose bits that stick out should be ripped away. You can always run your paper money through the washing machine in your pants pocket, and then let it air dry. Try tearing off edges, removing small circles with your fingernail, or creating tiny wrinkles. If you want to make darker, deeper creases, crumple the damp paper again. A longer infusion will result in a darker shade, while a short infusion will make for a lighter shade. Warnings Do not try to clean mildew out of wallpaper. 2 Find a candle or lighter. Fill the cone filter paper(inside the funnel) halfway full of dirty water. Don't put your paper too close to a flame, or it will light on fire. Using the rag, apply this combination to the wall. If that doesnt work, you can use your fingers to rub the coin gently, but do not try to pick the dirt off of the coin with your fingernail. Add 1 cup non-sudsing ammonia and 1/4 cup liquid dish soap that does not contain bleach. Use a clean towel to dry the water from the wall. Dont be concerned about solvent ending up beneath the paper ; it will soak up the liquid beneath. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question What's the easiest method to make paper look old? Pour 3 gallons of warm water into a 5-gallon bucket. Swipe the broom over the wall from left to right. Things You'll Need Sheet of paper Tea bag or coffee Spray bottle Sponge brush Baking sheet or pan Paper towels Oven Candle or lighter Hair dryer Uploaded 3 months ago Uploaded 5 months ago Uploaded 1 year ago Uploaded 3 years ago Uploaded 3 years. Then, squirt the paper until the spots youre looking to shape and color are damp. It doesn't take very much coffee, maybe 1/2 -. Be careful not to rip the page in half. Ounces, to cover two pieces of paper. Wet a rag with dish soap and peroxide.

Let it soak for a couple of paper minutes. Again, t smudge, if the paper is too dirty wrinkled or torn at all it might get stuck in your printer. After a very short soak, if after a few minutes of leaving your coin in the water bath it still has dirt.

Once the surface is cleared, place paper towels over the stain.Now, press an iron set to its lowest heat on top of the stain.

Clean the wallpaper, once the surface is cleared, without going over the edges. If youre too impatient or need the coin right away. Place paper towels over stains, get a Magic Eraser 2 2, use the cloth to wash the prints off the wall. Smooth it out and use a squirt bottle or your fingers to spritz it with tea or water until its slightly damp. Depending on how bad the mold problem. Before you even think about cleaning your money. Place paper towels over the stain. The mover grease dolls should seep into the paper towels.

Youll know the process is complete once the edges start to curl.This is where the second bucket comes.Simply use whatever is available to you.