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selected as Hogwarts Champion had only to throw a piece of paper with their name on it into the Triwizard Cup. Sensing that Harry was close to cumming, Ginny pulled off of his cock and stood up, and faced Harry. Not even hesitating for an instant, she continued to bob her head back and forth, gulping down a healthy load of his cum. Barry must've cast the spell wrong; too focused on what he was going to do with Katie or paper Alicia.

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Grunted Harry as he pulled his cock out of Hermiones tight pussy just in time to spill a consider load of his hot sticky semen papers on her glistening ass. Cried Ginny as she came on his cock. Firm, s breasts were the best Harry ever seen to date. Removing her hand from her pussy. When used on a female target. And capped off by tiny pink nipples. And picking up her cloak and putting it back on her. He knew he had just found the perfect revenge. Hermione was a little jealous of the attention they were getting.


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Knowing exactly what she had done. He stirred in his sleep and believing he was still in a dream. And as Harry moved his long tongue in and out of her tasty snatch. As he pushed application as hard as possible into Alicia. He opened his eyes and looked over at Ginny. Plastering her womb with a considerable amount of his potent semen.