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and simple. He thought campus issues, which Hillary had been working on for some time, were silly. Weighing the two major influences on Hillary religion and community organizing her biographer Donnie Radcliff has it about right: religion probably meant more to Hillary than organizing. Alinsky, have gained mythic status among her critics a Rosetta Stone, in the words of one, that would allow readers to decode the thinking of the former first lady and 2008 presidential candidate. Its the confusion in the publics mind not hers that accounts for the distance shes put between herself and her formative period. At the time Hillary Rodham brought him to Wellesley in January 1969 to speak at a private dinner for a dozen students, he was expressing dissatisfaction with New Left protesters such as the Students for a Democratic Society. The old Jewish radical was famous as a community organizer from Chicago's Back of the Yards, the home of stockyard workers made famous by Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle." From the late 1930s until his death in 1972, Alinsky crisscrossed the country, stirring the have-nots poor. Lacivita co-produced the "Swift Boat" ads in the 2004 presidential race questioning Democratic Sen. But most Americans, including the younger ones, dont understand this distinction yet about the Sixties. Taught early by Don Jones, sustained by Benziger, excited by King, challenged by Alinsky, Hillary Clinton was nursed by the Sixties city and the Sixties college to become a political activist with enduring power. On July 8, 1971, Rodham wrote Alinsky. Saul Alinsky entitled there Is Only the Fight. . He was much too profane, cursing a blue streak, smoking non-stop, and insulting many people who were as earnest as she was. The difference is that Alinsky really believes in them and recognizes the necessity of changing the present structures of our lives in order to realize them. Clifford Green, then professor of biblical history at Wellesley College and now a professor at Hartford Theological Seminary in Connecticut, taught the bible course she was required to take in her sophomore year. Say Sixties, and people today think, drugged out. She also attended communist fund-raisers and worked for a communist law firm. 101-120 next last Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. Alinskys central critique of government antipoverty programs that they tended to be too top-down and removed from the wishes of individuals. 16 posted on 12:12:41 PM PDT by wildbill (If you check behind the shower curtain paper for a slasher, and find one. It was public religion that integrated the Sixties context and Alinskys focus on the poor and their suffering. As news organizations are beginning their "scrubbing" of the 2008 candidates, and campaigns are digging for every scrap to use to their advantage, there is disagreement on what value should be placed on youthful writings. Field was later called before the Congressional Cox Committee to testify regarding his sponsorship of the Communist fronts the American Committee for Yugoslav Relief and the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship; his Field Foundation trustee Channing Tobias association with 48 Communist front groups; his foundation. That is when I realized that commie crackpot though he might be, he was not a nobody. Alinsky over a central point. Schechter, informing him that the Clintons had decided not to release her senior thesis on Marxist organizer Saul Alinsky.

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Looking back at the 1930s, he said, alinsky met with farm workers organizer Cesar Chavez. Few realize that it is no longer kept under lock and key. She then said I miss our biennial conversations and invited him to meet if he ever got out to California. Another political science major started out on the path that Hillary Rodham had rejected. Transforming into the American Peace Mobilization in accord with the new Soviet party line 69, john Kerrys Vietnam service, no matter what Wikipedia has said since July.


Saturday, April 6, 2013.Hillary Clinton's 1969 Thesis on Saul Alinsky.

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Alinsky would have excited these serious tendencies with his own equally serious attention to matters of strategy and tactics. S recollections, who, i was going to dictate the entire thing and make an audiobook out of it alinsky to give to my close associates. quot; just last month, sheapos, apos 2011, like. Which was a red hot concern for the poor.