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Ynys Cedwyn line faux leather from paper has at last been established. Alun Brookfield and myself. Natural Philosophy The main areas of natural philosophy have been covered in the following ECE source papers: 1-4, 7, 13, 15 - 21, 27, 35, 38, 39, 44 - 47, 50, 55, 67, 71, 72, 83, 85, 88 and 99, reviewed in papers 50 and. The ECE equations of motion are based on the Cartan Bianchi identity (homogeneous equations) and the Cartan Evans dual identity (inhomogeneous equations). There is a detailed introduction to my work Introduction to the complete works of Myron Evans and an account of all of my activities with references to education and employment. . This arbitrary neglect of torsion is what leads to a catastrophic violation of the Cartan Evans dual identity and to an equally catastrophic failure of the Einstein field equation. Autobiography Part 1- NewAutobiography. They mean that I am an Armiger with rank of Gentleman, co equal with Knight or Baronet, but without the prefix "Sir". Einstein is also remembered for his contributions to the development of quantum theory and for postulating light quanta (photons) in 1905 - upon which he based his explanation of the photoelectric effect. The 126 source papers of ECE theory to date are given on this site, together with educational articles. The main precursor theory is O(3) electrodynamics, which is based on the discovery of the B(3) field reported in Physica B in 1992. Principals of Einstein Cartan Evans Theory. The science that followed Einstein contained theories that spanned all of known physics - collectively known as the Standard Model. 4) Barddonaieth 4, starting from "Y Filltir Scwar (triban Morganwg metre). 7) This is the complete line back to Tewdwr Mawr. Exemplar question papers are available for Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications. 2009 and of 2004, supporting my nomination by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Society for a Civil List Pension, awarded in 2005. Spin Connection Resonance The ECE development of most interest industrially is spin connection resonance (SRC which is based on the fact that the appearance of the spin connection in the field equations of ECE theory give an Euler Bernoulli resonance structure without violation of any. In the O(3) electrodynamics it is explained with the B(3) field and O(3) gauge electrodynamics. The symmetric connection of the standard model is incorrect because it relies on an arbitrary assertion that torsion is zero. In tensor form the original Cartan Bianchi identity states that the covariant derivative of the Hodge dual of the torsion tensor is a well defined Hodge dual curvature tensor. It is generally accepted that the standard model of physics is obsolete and contains fundamental errors due to its arbitrary neglect of torsion. 2004 in support of my nomination for a Civil List Pension and British Honours. New torsion based explanations are given for the cosmological red shift, the gravitational red shift, relativistic orbits (the relativistic Kepler problem the orbits of binary pulsars, the orbits and velocity curves of whirlpool galaxies, the earth's gravitomagnetic precession, the Thomas precession, the equinoctial precession, and. I agree that B(3) must be longitudinal and observable. The factor x is accurately calculated with WebLog.53, using an average over 142 months and compared to the x factor as calculated from page views per month. The dual identity is again a rigorous identity which states that the cyclic sum of Hodge duals of three curvature tensors is identically equal to the same cyclic sum of definitions of the Hodge duals of these three tensors. 20) This gives my relation to the great bard, Dafydd ap Gwilym. One of these papers by Horwitz. The motion of planets and galaxies are explained with the same sets of equations as the motion of sub-atomic particles orbits and orbitals become one and the same.

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And is 51 owned by Steriwave Plc. He has discovered several new effects of non linear optics during his stay studies in forty four articles. Your outstanding theoretical work naturally and elegantly interprets our experimental results. By Dewi Lewis, this company is ECE Institute Ltd. Are well known by now to be at best incorrect. He developed and proved his theory that white light is composed of a mixture of colours that form a band called a spectrum. Many people have asked what the coat of arms mean. This was the approach advocated by Sir Francis Bacon in his book Novum Organum published in 1620. In the field of optics, unprecedented interest in ECE theory indicated by site feedback software.

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In which SCR is also a key component. May 2016, was to develop a Unified Field Theory that would explain gravitation. ECE uses the same equations for electrodynamics and gravitation dynamics. Most modern of our technologies are still based on solid state physics and we remain modern far away from mimicking nature where life processes operate in a fluid environment.

Actual letter is a part of 19) "Your computer simulation of rotation / translation coupling in chiral liquids is most important and significant"  Extract from a letter of 14th March 1983 from the late Prof.The ECE papers give the proofs in all detail.Whenever curvature appears in differential geometry, so does torsion, and the latter cannot be arbitrarily neglected.