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form committee to develop the reaction due to the proposal of marijuana legalization. Make sure to research special interest groups such as professional trade associations, industry groups, etc. Make sure to discuss what specific health outcomes that the promoters say will occur if the bill is passed. Recommendation: What is your recommendation regarding this bill from a public health perspective? Retrieved from rand research reveals that marijuana legalization I California would health care policy analysis paper sample not reduce drug trafficking as well as violence associated with illegal drug trafficking. Although most research were carried to investigate effect of marijuana legalization in California, the findings might also apply in another state. Try to be as specific as possible as to how public health will be improved (according to the promoters) by the bill's passage. There is an ongoing research to investigate the impact of marijuana legalization in United States. The fact is that there is a positive relationship between drug use and availability. In addition, if the law was to be passed Uruguay would be fined by the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board for going against the United Nations Single Convention of 1961. People are called upon to study various polices and programs so that they can be able to make appropriate policies that aim at improving the public health of citizens. For example, a group may health care policy analysis paper sample say that they are in favor of a bill due to public health benefits when in actuality, the group will benefit financially from its passage. There are more negative consequences linked to marijuana legalization as compared to the benefits that advocators think. Objectives of marijuana legalization, legalization of marijuana is considered as a public and safety measure aimed at reducing drug-associated crimes and as a remedy to harm caused by marijuana control such as incarceration among others. In 1993, the National Institute on Drug Abuse carried a study that found that marijuana led to an estimate of 7 of treatment admissions funded by the government. Legal drugs recently cause a havoc on public health sector since it results to substantial health and financial burden. The physicians should lead the war against legalization of marijuana. Unintended Consequences: Describe what unintended consequence that could arise resulting from passage of this bill. In Europe, the number of patients seeking treatment due to marijuana addiction increased from 2 till 2006, and recently stands at 30 of overall admission cases. Legalization deals with the commercialization of production, use and sale of marijuana. The parents should be enlightened on the dangers of making marijuana accessible to their teenage children through legalization of such a policy. The full impact of effect of legalizing marijuana are unknown (Morgan, 2011).

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You should always cite the primary source of the information using APA. Please note that the 810 page length is simply a general guideline. Legalization of marijuana is likely to be accompanied by legal advertisement of commercial use marijuana this make mummy costume out toilet paper is likely to increase marijuana consumption.

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Colorado and Washington brought up proposals to dispenser legalize marijuana. Legalizing marijuana paper is likely to lead to an increase in the social costs due to taxes imposed due to the sale of the drugs. Public health policy analysis, this results to decreased neurocognitive activity. Is there consensus among researchers regarding its severity and how to best deal with. Introduction, violations in act regulating age limits as well as public use violations. Chronic smoking has detrimental effects to the lungs. The greatest concern is marijuana consumption during teenage where brain development is in progress.

Decreased highway safety is a major negative impact of marijuana legalization (Gerber et al, 2004).However, the fate of this proposed law is not clear.Marijuana smokers inhale greater volumes of smoke and hold it for longer periods.