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Institute, these reforms would "materially increase government revenue with limited collateral damage to the economy and the most vulnerable in society.". More importantly, the 1,000 threshold is too great a departure from the zero-threshold that applies to consumer purchases from Australian bricks and mortar retailers. Also low is the policy gap, the amount of theoretical revenue lost due to concessions, compared with the revenues South Africa could receive from levying the headline rate on all supplies. Tentatively, because the Government may postpone or cancel the increase if Japan's fragile economy looks vulnerable as this date approaches. But border security agencies like Customs, as well as the express carriers and Australia Post, would like anywhere between 18 months to three years to implement it properly. Japan, something of a surprising development took place in Japan in July 2015, when the Japanese Finance Ministry reported a surprising surge in tax revenue, buttressed by a large rise in receipts from the controversial consumption tax. We start our round-up in Australia, where there has been intense focus on how the GST system can be improved in recent weeks. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) have calculated that increasing the GST from 10 to 15 percent could generate AUD265bn (USD200bn) in revenue over four years. United Kingdom Turning our attention to Europe, a notable development was the newly-elected Conservative Government's summer budget, announced on July 8, 2015, which confirmed the party's earlier pledge that VAT rates will remain unchanged for the next five years under a "tax lock." The tax. The cost will be even higher if GST is levied on transport and insurance costs, which is currently the case for goods above 1,000. Changes to the GST rate or base require the unanimous support of states and territories, as well as the endorsement of the Commonwealth and the passage of relevant legislation by both federal houses of Parliament. The Ruling has been updated to reflect the new structure of section 6 and to explain the effect of section 6(4). Under the horizontal fiscal equalization (HFE) regime, all GST revenue (less the cost of administration) is passed to the states and territories. Timing will depend on the time required to upgrade computer systems, and increasing staff numbers to deal with the higher volume requiring manual data capture in the international mail stream, as well as required staffing changes to deal with increased volumes of items requiring GST. The push from the states to reduce the GST threshold on imported goods is being driven by a desire for a bigger pool of GST revenue and in spite of the inevitable backlash from consumers, they will get their way. The IMF concluded that there is limited scope for improvements to South Africa's VAT regime. It is common ground that a slot machine is a "gaming machine" for VAT purposes when the element of chance is provided by a component that forms part of the body of the machine on which the game is played. Firstly, in June 2015, Romania's lower house of Parliament approved plans to introduce a new 5 percent reduced rate of VAT for cultural services, lower value houses, and printed media. This happened due to the lack of pre-testing of new systems and software, a lack of industry readiness and training and lack of staged implementation of the change. New Zealand, across the Tasman Sea, changes of a much more technical nature were announced as the New Zealand Government issued new GST guidance on directors' fees in July. Two amendments were made to section 6 that relate to the GST treatment of fees paid to directors.

Called for the Australian GST base to be widened as part of a broader reform of taxation. To describe the element of chance as provided. By replacing a plethora of indirect taxes charged at state and federal level. A think tank, an Indian parliamentary committee approved the majority of the provisions of the constitutional amendment bill that absorbs will allow the proposed GST to be introduced in 2016. QC 22410, over the level recorded in the previous year.

Of telecom services for providing clarity of levy of taxes on, vAS, infrastructure sharing and e-commerce transactions, since these transactions could have different treatment under.GST, said the paper.The Constitution Amendment Bill for introduction.

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The prevailing political wisdom being that distasteful reforms need to be introduced very early in the term of a new government. Attend our, which was seen as thesis a major step towards the adoption of GST in India. The desirable staged reduction in the threshold to its ultimate longterm level may push implementation of this reform agenda into a new federal parliamentary term. All this suggests that a lower threshold cannot be introduced very early on in the first term of the Abbott Government 2015, rank had argued because these two elements were separate that supply should be exempt. Almost half said that they would support a higher GST rate and a broader base in return for doing away with other taxes such as stamp duty. The other political issue involves the timing of a change to a lower threshold. Rumors that the South African Government would raise the rate of valueadded tax grade in the 2015 Budget as its books fall deeper into the red turned out to be illfounded.