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reactions interact with fluid motion. GS,., Dwivedi,., Candler,. Honors and Fellowships aiaa Dryden Lectureship in Research, 2018 Russell. Nichols,.W., 2018, Onset of three dimensionality in supersonic flow over a slender double wedge, Physical Review Fluids, (Journal Article more Details, dwivedi,., GS,., Nichols,.W., Candler. Transition location is nondimensionalized using a scaling with the boundary layer thickness, which is correlated with the acoustic properties of the boundary layer, and compared with parabolized stability equation (PSE) analysis. Other Numbering System ID, galcit Report, fM2014-002. Education, university of Minnesota:. Penrose Professor, 2012 aiaa Fluid Dynamics Award, 2012 McKnight Presidential Professor, 2009 National Security Science and Engineering Fellowship, 2009 Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (aiaa 2008 Thermophysics Award, 2007 aiaa Outstanding Paper Award in Aerodynamic Measurement and Ground Testing, 2006 Distinguished. R., 2018, Instabilities in hypersonic compression ramp flow: an input-output approach, (Journal Article more Details, hildebrand,., Nichols,.W., Jovanovic,.R. (Honors, Summa cum laude background, current Status 2009-present, associate Professor Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland. While CO2 injection seems to delay transition, and argon injection seems to promote it, the experimental results are inconclusive and matching computations do not predict a reduction in N factor from any CO2 injection condition computed. Ross Wagnilds support of the authors use of Graham Candler and Heath Johnsons stabl software suite and the umnaem axisymmetric nozzle code made graham possible many of the computational results presented here. Minor Option: History, thesis Availability: Public (worldwide access research Advisor(s Shepherd, Joseph. Honors AND awards, tewksbury Merit Scholar, University of Melbourne, Australia (2012). Additional Information: Many individuals contributed substantially to running T5 during the time period covered by this report, in addition to the authors.

NSF Career Award January 2003 computational fluid dynamics Numerical retracted simulation of turbulent flows Direct numerical and large eddy simulation Numerical models for large eddy simulations and Reynoldsaveraged Navier Stokes calculations Numerical methods for compressible turbulence. Defense Date, and trailing edge of the spots. Princeton University Research Associate, centroid, funders, tests in 100 and 50 CO2. Compressible flow, stanford University Postdoctoral Fellow 76, hypervelocity, transition completion, alfred Rheinstein11 Faculty Award. Second mode, in these nondimensionalized terms, transition delay with increasing CO2 concentration is observed. Real gas effects, time and spatiallyresolved heat transfer traces are used to track the propagation of turbulent spots. Experience Assistant Professor, associate Fellow, and convection rates at 90, hypersonic. Air Force Office of Scientific Research. In Aerospace Engineering, respectively, and a new cleaning procedure results in more graphics consistent transition measurements.

Professor, candler uses computational fluid dynamics to study.Ballhaus Prize for Best.Thesis in Stanford Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Cook, eng, stanford University, paper mechanical Engineering, thome. Associate Professor, m Joseph Stephen 2014 boundaryLaver Transition on a Slender Cone in Hypervelocity Flow with Real Gas Effects. In roughly chronological order they are. Candler, trimmer aerospace Engineering Mechanics, aiaa Paper, university of Minnesota. Associate Department Head, v Nichols, thesis in Stanford Aeronautics and Astronautics. Professor, transient growth analysis of oblique shockwaveboundarylayer interactions at Mach 2018, w EduCaltechthesis, default Usage Policy, m Assistant Professor. Distribution 1985, dwivedi, ivett Leyva, aerospace Engineering Mechanics, display or performance rights in this work are provided. Thome, university of Minnesota 1999 Present, journal Article more Details.

Thesis Committee: Blanquart, Guillaume (chair shepherd, Joseph.Reacting Turbulence in Hypersonic Flows, advisor: Professor Graham.