Germinating tomato seeds indoors paper towel

folded edge going in the bag first. Peat moss is powerful to combination. PRE-germinate seeds BY soaking IN water Another germination technique for the Foodie Gardener is to soak hard-coated, shriveled seeds in water for 24 hours before planting. Warning, do not soak the paper towels, because the combination of too much water, no light and warmth can encourage mold, which can harm your seeds. Inside every shriveled, humble, unassuming seed is a sophisticated brain that oversees and governs its DNA: its plant destiny! You should be able to look through the paper towel layer and detect sprouts on the seeds when the seeds germinate. Do you remember germinating or sprouting Lima bean seeds in a wet paper towel in elementary school? Keep in mind that you must plant your pre-germinated seeds immediately. Im a fan of, baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and sought them out and asked them to supply their seeds for my garden segment. Im not down for that. Tip, keep tweezers on hand to help you plant the more delicate seedlings. This particular plant will stay in the refrigerator for one month, then be taken out and placed in a cool room (58-65 degrees) for one week.

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Cold stratification may take up to 3 months. Not too difficult, pREgerminate seeds BY scarification Dont let the fancy word scarification intimidate you. Making sure you seal the bags flat with no excess air inside the bag. I indoors have an advantage of being able to grow outdoors in early spring. Since I live and design gardens in sunny. Except for extremely hard coated seeds like morning glory and canna lily.

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Look through the the side of the bag without opening the bag. I can be guaranteed that each of them will grow into a tomato plant. Being careful not to squash them. Do you really want to sow seeds in the ground or in a container with no game plan.

Use paper towels when starting seedlings to create a suitably wet environment.If you are reading this blog post on the posting date, please visit the.Continue alternating places (one month in the fridge, one week in a cool room) until the seed sprouts.