Fun crafts with colored paper

the sticky mess they get to make pasting the strips onto a blown up balloon. Dont forget to measure your finger before you finish bending everything into place. Place a sheet of red and a sheet of green paper in the printer and print the file. Did you know that tissue paper also folds easily and holds its shape very well once youve twisted it? Paper clip wine glass markers view IN gallery (Source: Replayground ) Sometimes you need a solution to a problem right away! Paper clips, embroidery floss, and earring hooks are all you need. Did you know, though, that its even more fun to make a papier mache bowl out of strips of brightly coloured paper than it is to do it from newspaper? If youre anything like us, most of these easy-access supplies can be found in the office, and probably in mass quantities. Many kinds of paper clips already come in fun colours, making them cool to look at before youve even started. Now cut along all the dashed lines. Once all the strips are cut, fold them (along the non-dashed line). With some help, kids can make this beautiful hanging wisteria mobile, or they can simply enjoy the finished product after you hang it in their room like an enchanted flower garden. Use the same tissue paper and glue techniques, but this time paste them across a paper letter. Crumple bigger pieces this time and use the bunches of tissue paper to cover a large number made of poster board for a kids birthday party! Glue them together on the top. This is also a great project for older generations. Kids especially love working with it because it crumples easily, tears with ease, and it comes in all kinds of fun colours!

Paper clip name card holders, paper clip chain cdae necklace, making loop by loop. View IN gallery Source, theyll also be giddy about the prospect of popping the balloon to get the bowl off once everything has dried. Round petal tissue paper flower, choose differently coloured clips and make simple chains for a cool upcycled necklace effect. Fold along the line the small rectangle if you look at the image bellow. Cut the square shape out of green paper. Tissue paper corsages Are your kids playing prom or going to a school dance and they want to have a coursage or boutineer just like the big high school kids. Bending your paper clips so each page you mark has a heart on it will brighten the process a little. View IN gallery Source, theres a full tutorial for you to follow. Head on over, the line is on the far right. Do you know someone whose kids love coloured crafts and hands on projects.


Colorful Paper Plate Birds- How much fun is this?Since my name's Robin I would give mine a red breast.

Next, but its still a great kids craft nonetheless. Or well any color really paper. Paper clip spiral earrings view IN gallery Source. Morning Creativity We cant get enough of how prairie papers kenny chumbley cute coloured paper clips look when you unbend and spiral them. If youve ever done papier mache then you already know how this one works. We already shared caterpillar craft ideas and have a few more coming in the next days.

You Can Watch The Video Tutorial.Jam jar and tissue paper luminaries.It comes in a bag by the hundreds and each bag has just about every colour you can imagine.